Monday, April 30, 2012

News... And such.

Around here spring cooled right back down. Whitty has been very excited about his new camel back and his tee-ball equipment.

Momma is busy eating and still barfy.

Daddy is caught in the winds of change but we will have to wait on that announcement.

An announcement I can make though is poppa got a new job. Daddy has been without steady work for 3 years so this is huge news and the griffins are so proud of him. My daddy is such a survivor and fighter. I am inspired and amazed by him constantly. Congratulations dad. We love you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hey batter, batter!

2 years old and ready to play!

 The stance is amazing...we have practiced a bit indoors and he's watched me play a bunch..but this impresses me! And he even runs to first...and sometimes STRAIGHT to second!
 He can hit it off the Tee and it also pops the ball in the air for him to hit it and he can do it...not every time...but he can hit it. He gets so proud. Like really proud! 

BE Happy!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy birthday momma!

Oh dear... Where to begin with such a beautiful woman.

Thank you mom for being real...working hard...loving harder and being one of the most giving people I know.

I miss your hugs.

I miss you supporting me through things and events in my life.

I wish you weren't so far away.

I love you dearly and hope this year brings promise and adventure.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leg 2- exploring Moab

After our little stay in Kane Creek campground....*aka-22 dollars a night..we were off to find a cheaper stay...we found slickrock...10 bucks...Wahoo! We did a celebratory bike ride!!!
Our campsite was perfect for me cause it was RIGHT beside the potty! And look at the sandbox outside my door. It was tho the ocean was just beyond that cactus...but I never saw an ocean...bummer!
We did take down some s'mores! Or these 2 did!
Or maybe it was these two!
It surely wasn't Anne.
On my little HIKE...not BIKE mind you on SLICK ROCK trail...I saw this...these jeeps climbing and descending was crazy...and cool...however I wouldn't want to do it.
This little cutie and I went on a few lizard hunts...all we found was lizards...or snakes...or tarantulas for that matter!

I love the "pretending to smile" phase...they just can't get it...or they just HAM it up!
A look down at our campsite from Whityn and I's little lizard hunt.
Momma and Whitty
Look momma...I made it on this big mountain.
Leaving MOAB...wanna know why?
Well, the last night there...the boy left to town to go see Hunger Whitty and I went to bed and so did the Stitts...but a few hours later...around 10 pm...the campsite just across the way started PAR.TY....ING! They blared music...drank...sang....screamed....WENT in huge groups to the POTTY which is were up...adults were pissed...and quiet hours apparently began at 10 we texted the boys...told them what was going on and they were on their way home...they walked over the ROWDY campsite and asked if they would quiet down....cause they had families and kids and no one was sleeping...the ROWDY site replied..."what are you or something?"...and the boys asked politely again...and they turned off the music...about 10 minutes later after everyone settled back into bed...they BLARED it again...and carried on until 3 AM...until we called the SHERIFF...argh..we were up and at 'em before 7...and begged our children to be loud as hell while we packed up the campers...such a bummer. HOwever we heard the weather in SEDONA was we packed up and headed out!
Bye Moab! See you next time!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

adventurous spring break 2012-Leg 1

Well we escaped Wyoming no later than 4:30 pm after school on Friday afternoon and made our way right on down to Salt Lake..our hope was to camp just outside in a campground...but the weather was so nice...well everyone had that idea so they were all the Griffin-Stitt party made our way into Century Park campground...if you had seen would of thought this is a perfect spot to camp for 10 days if you were 85 years old....we flew in late night and busted out early morning...I managed to take an 11 week picture in the Century park facilities...not a great shot...but let me just tell you I have a BELLY series (with Kisa Koenig) on the way...coming next week!!!! :)Here is my only shot of the Century Saturday morning. The Stitt family truck was making some strange noises so we drove into SLC to check out their engine...that took a we took off down to MOAB (cause the weather looked the best)...and told them to meet us there...
as we got closer to Moab...I shared my IPAD for a few minutes...
Phew...we made it to Kane Springs campground to set up for the night...things were pretty packed down in Moab too. The weather was nice and it was a weekend so EVERYONE was there...we did manage to score a 22 dollar camp spot...funny how it's that much...and no showers...and the potty wasn't anything to scream about...but WHitty was excited to be in the desert.
And so was I...I thought.
The Stitt family pulled in after dark...I was feeling awful so I hit the bed early with Whityn...camping and pregnant isn't really as cool as it sounds.
The next day it was beautiful...and we did plenty of time on the potty...
We donned shorts...SO EXCITING.
WE went exploring in the Kane Springs area
And we managed to run into Todd's dad and stepmom...that was fun!
These 2 getting sandy...Whityn loved to explore and take little adventures to rocks..the river...or anywhere you wanted to take long as you called it an adventure.
This big rock was in our campground the following night...we moved into a more treed area after the weekend clear out...and we even got a 5.00 shower! :)

I managed a small bike ride UP UP UP a big hill...alone. Ahhhh!
I really wanted to drop into a few of the trails...but the FACT is I am not that great of a mountain biker and as fun as they looked I know I would be on my bum and off my bike which is exactly what I don't I stuck to the road...which was bumpy and exciting too!
The boys did some throw and catch at the camp site...
And there were MANY of these!

But peeing outside apparently makes everything better. No folks we still haven't MASTERED the quick as he successful...the next day he isn't...argh. I know he'll get it..but it's been a bit frustrating...for me...and I am sure he just wants me to shut up about it.
In the desert...there are these things called goat heads..ever heard of them? Well, Jordy learned really quick not to ride through a campsite...or anywhere for that matter without slime in our tires...because he got about 100 goat heads in his tires and they were SOOOO flat! Todd helped with some slime application and all of our bikes were DESERT ready!
All this went down while little man waits in the Stitt camper...wondering what is next.
After 3 nights in Kane Springs...we hit the Slickrock campground..which BY far exceeded our was 10.00 to get into the and it even had an impressive out toilet with no you could pee under the stars...:) Jordy, myself and Whitty in tow managed another ROAD ride on bikes...Jordy ended up doing Slickrock with Todd...and Anne hiked with me...I can't imagine biking looked insanely HARD.
It was quite Windy and this little man was happy to hop back in the van...but at least the sun was out!
More pictures and posts coming soon. Stay tuned!