Monday, June 28, 2010

And the living is easy.

Just a swinging.

Great Grandma pushing Whitty on the swings in Idaho.

alabama in Idaho and such.

Well, my bro-dog and Nannie have been in town for a week now...and we've been enjoying eachother, friends, the weather, birthdays...etc. Tomorrow we all pack up the car and head down to Salt Lake City...for them to fly out..and Jordy, me and Whityn are staying the night and flying out Wednesday for New York...UPSTATE...we are so excited.
HEre is Whitty with his favorite food...I think.
Alley-oop, Oliver and Matt came over for a bbq...I can't believe how big Oliver is...walking..talking..smelling flowers...running from his mommy. I love it.
He was loving to water the plants at my house. So cute.
Brother Kane..doing what he does best...ahhh.mmm. DRINK a beer. hehehe. He is like the bestest brother ever. I have soooo enjoyed having you here Kane! I miss you. I wish you lived closer, but I love showing you the mountains.
Arms around Nannie...not a day over 29. Doesn't she look great? She is one special lady...and was treated for her birthday by brother kane and myself TO a trip to Idaho...she loved it.
She loved watching Whit his thing. Even though..Whitty was a little out of sorts..recovering from an ear infections..etc. His sleep patterns have been a little wacky and he has been somewhat of a little stinker at times...he came around. He is growing and changing so fast. I can't stand it...but i love it. He loves being outside. When I pick him up to go in..he shakes his head, sometimes bangs his head on me...and pitches a fit....funny...yet not!
Enjoying long summer days.
Playing with Nannie. Nannie just adores you. She keeps talking to you...feeding you..trying to hold you. YOu let her hold you twice...but you cried a few of the other attempts...maybe it was her voice. YOu light her life.
We did a little WORLD cupping this past week too.....TOO BAD about the US of A...but fun to watch for sure. We enjoyed the game over a few beers and some YUMMY food at SCRATCH...
Whitty enjoyed some water and an avocado.
We put in some park time. Nannie loved pushing Whityn. He loves the swings. This was the first time he cried and held on when I tried to get him out...hmm, someone is getting a personality.
We went to a 1st BIRTHDAY party for our friend Brayden. His mom and dad are Courtney and Bruce..>I met Bruce my first night in Jackson with Jordy. He is such a sweet man and great father to two cuties.
I don't think Brayden loved his hat.
Whit was practicing. He has 41 days til his BIG bash!
Come on Brayden..keep your hat on for a picture..and smile. hehehe. Look how much bigger Whityn is than brayden...eeesh.
We also drank some the local EMporium. YUM. Kane posed for a picture outside. Doesn't he look cute?
nannie bought Whitty a new pool..along with some other great wooden toys...He was a huge fan of some pool time. I was thinking I would get my suit on too and hope on in...but it was only big enough for one GRIFFIN...
I hung out outside the pool and donned my suit in my yard like a true Alabama girl would.
WE did lots of eating. Tonight...which was our last night..we ate at teton thai..which moved to Driggs to a much larger was great...let intimate than in Victor..but cool building..great food and family. Whityn really took to Kane this trip. HE like him a lot. He would let Uncle Kane hold him and take him away. Kane was so cute too. I wish we lived closer for pictures like the one below. DANGit!
Leaving Thai. yum. love you family. thanks for coming. happy 80th nannie. hope you enjoyed your family vaca.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Out of the mouth of Kane...

At my softball games on Thursday night...Kane (my brother) and Nannie (my biggest fan)...were sitting in the stands...half entertained...laughing at the Idaho the people playing in the funny looking fields...which have no LIGHTS...etc...I could go one forever HOW VERY different playing softball out here versus playing softball in Alabama...


I was up to bat....hit a nice line drive out center-field...AND apparently as I ran from 3rd to home..Kane (my bro-dog) was intensely watching.

As I ran over to them......this was what was said.

Me: hard.

Kane: I noticed when you ran from 3rd to have a BUTT now since you had a baby....

Me: Thanks kane. I always wanted a butt. I have noticed my pants fit differently.

Kane: You look great though.

Me: thanks Kane.

Salt Lake city via phone part 1

So, we went down to Salt Lake to pick my Nannie and brother Kane up from the airport...and to meet my parents who were driving over from the Flaming gorge. It was a short visit...but a fun one.
Here we are walking downtown from lunch to the Temple.
Nannie and Dad taking a break in the Temple Gardens.
Kane posing with Whitties (who was in nappyland)
Eating breakie at the hotel...while Whitties says his prayers and sleeps.....hehehe. He must of spent too much time at the Temple gardens...
Eating out...Jordy, Kane and I went to the RED Iguana in SLC for Mexican. It was fabulous and fun to just hang out with sans Whitties....have some cocktails...and enjoy some conversation..THANKS for baby-sitting Nannie, Mom and're the best!
Saying good bye!!!! Whitty loves you Nonna!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy being.

So...since school let out...Whitties and I have been busy...we had a great week just being together getting back into our little rhythm which I think we found by Thursday or so. I love this kid. I stare at him in disbelief that Jordy and I made him. W.O.W.
I love pictures like this...I love feeding Whityn and just making a mess. My mom would hate it every step of the way. When she feeds Whit, she wipes his mouth after every single bite...I laugh. We get messy. We have fun. THEN...
We take all our clothes off and just crawl around...and Mama takes pictures of me while I smile, drool and laugh.
Is that a shadow?
I just might go ahead and stand up look out!

Or not.
So remember I am out of school...HOWEVER...we had to go back the 14th - 17th for training...BRUTAL...AND the SUN was out everyday while we sat inside a school....eeesh. I picked Whityn up at Aunt Dana's house (the sweet lady who watched him through the school year) and this is what he had on...hehehe. YES, I packed leg warmers and sandals...I have a sense of just haven't heard of it yet.
He pulls it off nicely...don't cha think??
Someone would like to start using a spoon.
He means business.
During my week of is always nice to have visits from friends...Afton stopped by for some good ole conversation at the Griffins. We love Afton visits. She leaves a little sparkle behind.
So, THURSDAY...the was official. School really did end. So, our tiny little Alta Staff went out to celebrate. We went to the KNotty in Victor. We ate.....chatted....danced...I had more pictures..but they would kill me if I posted here is a good one of Anne...(one of my very favorite people....3/4 teacher, Sara (Library and Information Access teacher)...and yours truly.
Oh, here is what I had for dinner. It's called the thanksgiving's amazing. I ate all of it.
In case you were wondering..p90x and meals like this don't really bode well together.
Friday...we had some fun in the sun....while...
JOrdy fixed the house....REMEMBER last YEar when I was preggo...and he almost burnt the house down....well, he finally fixed the whole d**?& thing. Yeah!
Whitty and I enjoyed a banana popsicle or two...yum yum.
All my flowers got planted.
Sunsets were watched. Babies go to bed.
AND very strange things...*don't worry, it is the neighbor kid's bb gun.
ANd here is jordy and the neighbor kid....
trying to kill the little diggers who ruin our yard. VOLES......THey did get a few. I was kinda protesting the whole thing..yet laughing hysterically too.
AND then there was this past weekend...where our little healthy peanut...was so so so so sick. He ran a 103 temp and it got up to 105....he had the barfies too. It was so sad. He slept with us again..he was so snuggly. He just wanted to be held and get kisses from mama. He was a trooper even though he didn't feel great....SUNDAY was FAther's day...I had the whole day planned...OF COURSE. HOwever, whit must of not known because he decided to go from so sick and SOOO sick and SOOO sad. THis is how the morning bed....
father and son.
then mama bear made a hearty breakfast for BIG daddy bear in bed which consisted of something like this...berries...LIFE cereal...vitamins...and juice. THAT is what he asked for. I promise.
Daddy bear went on a bike ride...while mama and baby went walking...and exploring...then we reunited for hugs.
And snugs.
THen there was some YARD work to be done...*THis wasn't part of the plan, but Jordy insisted on doing it. We were supposed to go to the Fox Creek Fandango (Free music at Linn Canyon Ranch in Victor..but Whitty kept us home) which was fine.
THe boys had a meeting of the minds.And they discovered something....
Oh, we made up FISH tacos for dinner. THat was that. Today Whitty and I went to see T. Lerch...and she confirmed an ear infection with some sort of viral thingy too. EWW. WEll, he seems better all ready. He's back in his bed. Yeah. We had to lower it by the way..he figured out how to sit, stand and shake crib....CUTE, but dangerous.

I am off to bed now. Tomorrow is a big day of last minute details around the house AND we are off to SALT lake city to pick up Nannie and Kane and to me my parents. We will be celebrating my Nannie's 80th and Father's day again.
Be back soon.