Sunday, November 29, 2009

so sad!

Living the life of a teacher is...well....AWESOME!!! WE (Jord and I) have been off the past 5 days! We have had so much time snuggling with Whit, EATING good food, being outside, and also GETTING NEW GEAR....check out the pic below of my new boot...

this year..we are embarking on a new sport....since Downhill opportunities will be few and far between this WINTER...WE are taking up SKATE skiing! Google it if you are unsure...but it's's fun and it's a workout and we can do it all the while pulling WHIT in the new chariot...yee haw....LET it SNOW!
Whit will be playing with his favorite toy.....he loves this thing! AND we love wooden anything!!!!
he just stares at it and talks to it.
little lovin' from pops! GOODnite.....hopefully TREE pictures to come! *hopefully!

a thing or two...

So today was the day to CUT down the tree....We met up with a few people at the HOME of the Huckleberry milkshake to buy a tree permit *10.00! And off we went over the hill and through the woods LITERALLY.....this is what Whit looked like the whole, NO tree people...not this weekend...maybe next weekend...WE shall try again!
This is what he looked like when we got home.....HOWEVER, he screamed ALL the way home from Pine Creek Pass!
So, we settled for a walk around the the new chariot...*for those who don't know: our house and barn in the background!
This is what Whit looks like inside...he rides in an INFANT that he is well supported and not bounced chariot is built for two (only cause we got a KILLER deal)...not because I am expecting another ONE anytime soon!!! NOTE: We have the jog, bike and ski attachment for this sucker so there is no stopping us now! :)
Phew....all done with the outside...getting warm inside! Thanks ANNE Stitt for all Whit's wonderful warm hand-me-downs!!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Trotting, turkey...touchdowns and MORE

Every year I hope to TROT before my turkey feast...and every year...I don't because the only Turkey trot is 45 minutes this year I took it upon myself to organize my own "Turkey Trot"...or if you were pacing with could refer to it as the TURKEY waddle
Do you like how Whit's face is all hidden...he was miserable for about 3 minutes and then he just fell asleep!
The starting line....I even said: ON your mark, get set, GO!!!! It was so official...we hope to have shirts made up next year.
Half-way through the race!!! We had to turn around because we had about about 16 dogs with us...and near the half way point..there was a bunch of wild turkeys and we didn't want a mid morning massacre....
The runners took off...the waddlers were with me.
off we go...
WArming trot!!! Gotta love this little duo: Millie and her momma (a dear friend of mine)
I finally got my hands on this little sack of potatoes....Tosh! He is a cutie patootie! His momma is also a very dear friend of mine!
Check Whit out Post trot....while everyone drank bloody marys on the front porch in the sunshine...he entered into lala land for a few hours.
After devouring grilled turkey with all the trimmings....there was a little jam session that went down in the living was quite entertaining!
Teya and Whit snuggled up on the lambskin!
16 years from now Whit will be begging Teya to get this close to him...ahhahahahah
Gotta love this little peanut...TEYA...she's a growing bundle of joy that loves everyone!
Today we rallied off the KNOTTY PINE (local watering hole with very large projector screen) to watch the IRON bowl. Whit cheered on his Uncle Kane's team the whole time.....
Whoa....what a game!!! Roll tide!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who's the boss?

So, I learned who was boss Saturday. I had planned a get-a-way for Jordy, me and Whit to Lava Hot Springs. It was a surprise and I was so excited about it. So, I broke the news that we were going and Jordy too was so excited...but guess who wasn't....uh-huh! We packed up the car with dogs, overnight bags and Whityn...only to make it half an hour while Whit screamed, cried and sweated in his carseat...I will refer to his meltdown as a level 10....a level we had not reached before...we him out of the seat and tried to console him...didn't work. We sat there and tried for a good 30-45 minutes...and then looked at eachother and decided to take it back to the house.....bummed at first, but then we met up with the Stitts at the Knotty Pine and then they invited us over to there place for fajitas and peanut butter pie....It ended up being IMPROMPTU BIRTHDAY fun.
Jensey and Whit...she loved snuggling on him.
and tickling him....
and then the boss PASSED out!!!
only to wake again....hahahah.

We lost for a great cause....

Go mom! This is what Whit did when I scored...hahaha
Jordy admitted to doing a horrible job at taking pictures Friday night...but here's what went down...I was asked to play on the "Teton Titans" who were challenging the Harlem Ambassadors Friday night in Driggs, Idaho. The money went to the Teton Valley Rotary Foodbank. It was a FAMILY fun night!!!!
Seriously Jordy...I haven't played in years...and this is the best you can do! Oh well...if you would of been there, you would of seen ME pull down a Harlem Ambassadors "shorts" while he was shooting was all part of the skit..and very funny. Guess you had to be there!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

weekend wonderfuls

In a nutshell: The weekend was great. I got to see those 2 tall people for a consecutive 48 hours...which was awesome. My mom seemed to like it way more than anyone!
I practiced sitting in my BUMBO...which I think I like, but I am still trying to decide.
My mom brought me home this new's called the TUMMY's from one of her students and I feel like I scored...cause it's so fun.
I got a new hat...from Yostmark..i love it. It's a little big..but it'll keep my ears warm which is good...because it's been a bit nippy out!
Fresh up from a nap...Not everyone can pull off this white outfit...but I got it down...I think I look good in white...My nonna would too.
More tummy time..but not on my turtle...this time on the lambskin which is like my favorite thing besides eating...I love the way it feels.
See I am so happy. And I am soooo naked. My mom wouldn't post the other pictures from this weekend...cause they are of me naked...and Nannie might get on to her! HA!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Bruce and Courtney stopped by last Saturday for a quick visit. I snapped this picture of the Trio: Gracie, Brayden, and Whit enjoying the lambskin together last Saturday.
Check out Bray's die for! Whit couldn't keep his paws off of him!'s just what we do.
How cute? Brother and sister having some tummy time!

Whit and Bun-buns! I call this little bunny "Bun-Buns" original...I know!!!! Whit just LOVES BB to pieces...he tries to rip her ears off...and eat her face.

LAst night....Uncle Mike and Lydia had us over for pizza....and to have a looksie at Uncle Mike's moose he got. WHOA!!!!! Don't be offended...if you are...sorry! It is really great meat! I am glad we're neighbors...and related...hahaha!
Mr. Marty Moose!!! Way to go will be eating on this FORever!

Monday, November 9, 2009

WELL oiled machine.....or maybe not?

No pictures...just words...thoughts and blunders of today....THANK goodness KindERgarten is VERy busy. This morning started early at 5:00am....waking...showering...nursing...rocking...packing bottles, eating breakie...making myself presentable...and TEAMING up with my favorite teammate make for a very successful morning....that is UNTIL Jord got to daycare with Whit and discovered that SHE wasn't there...door locked...nobody's home kinda thing...WE knew that we told her 6:30AM...but she wasn't there...WHAT THE heck...well, i got ahold of her...she was driving from RIGBY, Idaho..her hometown into Victor..where we live which is over an hour....ANyhow, long story short..SHE thought we said 7:30am...UGH....Jordy waited with Whit for an hour in the car this morning...FREEZING out...while he THANKFULLY slept and was an angel....Daycare arrived...took WHit...Jordy was late for school (he's a teacher too)....and I BAWLED all the way to school feeling unsettled....then I told myself I had to clean it up...WHICH i did thank you. I survived DAY 1 officially and look forward to DAY 2. The kids are great....I MISSED little Whit..but I have been smothering him with kisses since i got home...gotta run..I think i hear him WAKING up!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Goodnight all!

Huuuuuyah! Love ya'll!

Love lOve Love him!

Well, Tomorrow is my first day back in the SADDLE...(work that is) I am a mixture of emotions...and Thrilled Jordy has the day off to be with Whit. They are gonna do BOY stuff and not slobber eachother with kisses!
He's bored with me and ready to move on!!!!