Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby room makeover!

So I am going to show before and afters....
This room was a WASTE of space...the only thing that happened in here was the BUDGET...done by Jordy so I never used the room...and it looked gross...a year or so ago we dry walled part of the ceiling which helped and trimmed some too....which helped more...
Here is that same corner now with freshly painted walls...Benjamin moore's Bamboo shoot...whitewashed beams and trim and no more yucky carpet....we painted that pine RED!!! I love it!
And check out that vintage rug. My newest purchase from OVERstock.
Here is where one desk sat this plain jane corner...
And here lies the crib now...still have to put in bumper...skirt and hang pics...but you get the gist.
And the good ole office space before...where the budget went down...
And one more of that dry walled ceiling...
And is where the diaper DEMo will go down!
And just a few more for fun...look my hospital bags are packed!!! Can you spot them?
The Lazy Boy I purchased that is AWESOME! Can't wait to nurse and snuggle right here! 
And do you see that cute little side table..that was Jordy's grandma's sewing table...full of buttons and knick knacks...I just ordered very cute knobs for it and still considering painting it...what do you think?
More details to follow...but how bout this cute little bunny that I received from Tizzy and was the first baby gift for Baby G #2 that we received. I love it. 

Fall PHONE dump!!! From oldest to newest!

 Just testing out mommy's camera on her new phone....
 Somebody had his first visit to the dentist and it went SURPRISINGLY great. I actually couldn't believe it. I was so proud of my little man being brave...listening and just flat out compliant!

 Whitty had an excellent check up...VERY HEALTHY teeth and gums and 20 teeth!!! 
 A few weeks back now we took Whityn to baby Lydia's baptism. Jordy works with Lydia's daddy and they invited us to the BIG event. We felt very honored to be included.
 And this little fella liked exploring the church.
 Mommy and Whitty did OLD BILLS. It's a local race that has been going on forever in Jackson. I have ran it in years past but this year walked it PREGGO with Whitty. He actually ran most of it. 
 Unless of course he needed water or fruit snacks or a quick REST in the chariot. Daddy was busy at the START line on the town square at Teton Valley Ranch camp's booth. He did not get to waddle along with me.

 Meet baby "Lightening" who we bought quite awhile ago but I have recently been giving little mini lessons on how to hold the baby...swaddle the baby...touch the baby...and show the baby you love him/her. Whityn has taken to this and been snuggling the baby quite a bit. He likes to move baby "Lightening" around in the house from bed...and sometimes in corners. Hmm. We will have to check on that!

 And Whitty lately has taken interest in just being on the counter in the kitchen in general. So, I have put this child to work. Here we are making meatloaf. I have been using the recipe from my DOWN HOME cookbook that Nannie gave me. It's Jordy's favorite. And now that my JOB is too cook...clean and care for kids...I figure we'll start with meatloaf!
 This little stinker loves tattoos. We have to apply them ALL.THE.TIME.

 One of my very good friends...Karen T..gave birth just barely 4 weeks ago. One of my little gifts to her was a pedicure as long as it meant I could tag along and hold baby Brooks. She loved this idea and gladly accepted. I managed to get him back to sleep and get some snuggle time in.
 Isn't he cute? Don't I look ready? I am...bring on my bebe!!!
WE have been hitting up the bike park... and just ALL parks in general right after school. We are trying to take advantage of these last FEW (maybe more) BEAUTIFUL days. 

 Whitty didn't know what to think about the bike park. He explored...and rode over the little bumps and really wanted to take on the big ones regardless of what mommy was saying. It was fun to see him try and really enjoy rolling around in there.
And if you can't find us at any local parks...just check out backyard cause Whitty is now VERY interested in his playground. He loves to do the rock wall up and then go down the slides. 

 About 6 weeks or so ago...Whitty had his 3 year check up. Theresa found that one of his "boys" so to speak...had not dropped...and she referred us to a urologist. After we went to that appointment it was discovered that little man had a hernia and needed an orchiopexy procedure. You can google that! So we got scheduled right away because it's better to do while they are young. 
 Such a brave little guy giving you the thumbs up!!!

 The surgery went great. Everything looked good. He he is waking up...with a bag of candy corns from momma. He loved that. It was a free for ALL. 
 Doesn't he look out of it? Little kids on drugs is just NOT RIGHT.

 We took him home shortly after waking...and I spent the day on the couch with him. He was out of it. We watched lots of PBS....Curious George...Bob the Builder and Cat in the hat. Check out that tongue hanging out. He recovered quite quickly and was talking and moving around LOTS by the time daddy got home...around 6pm that evening. That made momma feel lots better.
 And just 2 days later we were cooking s'mores in TETON canyon with the Alta school. 

 Since Jordy started this new job...he has taken to the guitar again and is trying to perfect some new songs for NEXT year's camp season at Teton Valley Ranch camp. You see...we attend nightly campfires and it helps if you have some talents to offer. Whitty loves to listen to daddy play the guitar and his most recent favorites are Serenade, Peace and Froggy went a courtin!

 Jees...this post is long. But this is what happens when you don't have a camera and all the pictures are on the phone or ipad...I promise to be better about more frequent updates. The other day we stopped by our neighbor's house....Lydia...Mike and Baby Neve. I wish you could see her face. She's too cute. I can't believe she is crawling and pulling to stand...CRAZY. Whitty loves to go over and visit her. Lydia let us borrow her baby swing so we were doing a pick up and a visit. 
 And surely having a baby swing is not enough...mommy and WHitty took off for an afternoon to Idaho Falls the other day...we hit 3-4 stores and then got Dairy queen and this is what happened next. He was such a trooper though! Thanks Whitty for being the perfect shopper so mommy could get last minute items for the baby room. Speaking of the baby room...are you wondering what it looks like? I will have a post about that soon.
 And last but not least....FALL is happening. We don't want to miss happens fast around here. Yesterday Whitty and I drove up to Pole canyon (just up the road from our house) and did a little Fall wasn't much since momma feels like the baby could just fall right out...but we got out and did some noticing and exploring! 

 One last thing before I go...Whitty is 4 weeks into preschool now. He is loving it. He doesn't cry when I leave. He happily gives me a kiss and a hug and gets started with whatever is going on. He is loving his main teacher Ms. Stephanie. I love her too. She is so loving...kind...accepting...and an around gifted teacher. I knew Whitty was ready for school but I don't think I was prepared for how ready he actually was. His teacher says he loves it...that he tries so hard to do the right thing everyday and to mind and be a good boy. That makes a momma's heart happy I tell yah. She also says that he likes to play with everyone and being a teacher....that just melts me. Way to go Whitty. You sure are starting out on the right foot. I am so proud of you!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

36 weeks

Almost fully effaced. And a baby drop. T Lerch says this baby is gonna be early. We shall see.