Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waltzing with Bec and Damo... Aussie friends are here and me being the ADVENTUROUS soul that I am decided to cook...ha, yes me...I decided to make DINNER for BEc and DAMo in a PUMPkin (recipe courtesy of Afton Carson).
Don't they look thrilled to eat a meal out of a pumpkin...
Jordy did the honors of cutting the top off....and I will be honest...HE DID THE honors of cooking the meal too!!!! hehehehe
This is what Bec and I did while he cooked....*baby looks good on her huh?
In goes the GOO!
Down the pipe it goes! Damo loves it...and don't let Bec fool yha...she had 2nds!!!
Day 2: We started off like champs....WAFFLE Tuesday with BACON...yum
After Breakie....we braved the had snowed the night before...and I was excited to get Whit into his new snowsuit.....*he hated every second of it!
He smiled for a family photo...*Take special notice of my outfit please.
Always time for some lovin
Time for a bath....*Afton had invited all of us over for an OCTOBER we had to get all showered up!
Family photo.
Day 3: Whit has found his HANDS for real! He loves BAby Fehn!
Uh you guys....what about me?
Meanwhile....I made the Aussies carve their first pumpkins...they loved it!
Pumpkin heads!
Whoo Hoo! We did it!
Are you able to read them?
Awe...WE LOVE Whit!!!! Jordy did "Sloth" from Goonies....only cause our sentence was complete!
Goodbye Aussies! We will miss you!!!! See you in Hawaii....2011! Be there or be talked about!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oh no you didn't!

My nannie knitted this little number for's not intended to be worn with NOTHING underneath...
She knitted this one too...but again this is not how she intended I wear it.
I do think this is how you wear the hat.
I am in the whole get-up now....I look so silly that i decided to stand on my head!

Me and my pal Ruezy!

Yeah, sometimes Rue and me just hang out on the floor...*note: yellow booties knitted by Nannie
He likes to snuggle up on me....or anyone for that matter. *note: Blue v-neck sweater knitted by Nannie
Rue: Turn your head lady and I will devour this kid
Whit: go ahead and try buddy...i'll sock you with my paw!
Show me the love!

Days with Wild man

Hi guys!!!! Dad has been sicky so I put on this bib to make his spirits rise!!!
My mommy makes me is wearing the THING 2 onsie!!!!heehee
Where's Whityn? It's kinda like Where's Waldo...but Whit's cuter!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's evening now...

and Lauren and I are dipping sour green apples in caramel sauce, playing rummy, and watching our wild man show off his new skills. Ah... the simple life. After so many warnings about how things would never be the same and how pregnancy was the easy part, I must say pooie to the skeptics. I can't imagine a more fulfilling way to spend my time!

I'm in!

Mr. McWhittle's dad officially christened the blog with his fatherly flair this morning: note the layout, color change, and super fantastic achievement poll. But this did not come without the skeptical eye of mom, as she spent most of my working moments wracking her nervous hands over my revisions, exclaiming at one point, "I don't know how I feel about all of this."

Constant encouragement to be more involved in the blogging life of our son spurred this momentous breakthrough of mine. But the irony of Mom's subsequent vigilance is not surprising. As I imagine with most mommies, they watch, worry, and at times fight like lions to protect their young- even their online images. But Dad, in the spirit of the fatherly tradition of giving Mom a great big headache, bucked her scorn and carried on with his momentous facelift. And was reassured in the end that the flack was worth it, because Mom agreed that the changes were at least a humble improvement. So it seems that I will be a more regular visitor to Whit's online life, if nothing else to be a positive influence in this realm. Let's just hope that the metaphor of Mommy as the protective lioness does not carry through to the extent of eating her young. Ruff!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

STATS/2 month check up

Mr. McWhittles (aka Whityn Mckay) weighed in at 12.2 lbs and measured 24.5 inches long. Theresa said he is thriving and doing great. It is amazing to me that he is growing leaps and bounds just from feels good. He was supposed to have his first round of shots today, but I just couldn't do it yet. We are waiting for 3 more weeks (when he is 3 months). Don't worry mom, we'll get them!

The boys

All Rupert wants is for Whityn to grow up already and pet him!
the boys....
don't let em fool yah...they're soft!

Thanks Kerri!

Aunt Kerri sent us this very snuggie outfit for Whit. He loves it and we love to snuggle him while he's wearing it!!!! Even Rupert wants to be closer!
don't cha wanna snuggle me?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Queen

Nannie meeting Whityn
My nannie (who I call the's our little joke..because she is from Liverpool and she's the queen by all means!!!.. Our nannie is a knitting machine...she has been knitting since she was a child and she is really amazing at it. To date she has knitted Whityn 5 sweaters, 4 pairs of booties, 2 hats and 2 blankets (see my favorite sweater below).....She is also brilliant at needlepoint (I have 2 hanging in my house *one is mine and Jordy's name for a marriage gift and the other is of Windsor castle in Enlgand) , cards (she taught me to play Old Maid and Rummi), crossword puzzles, jeopardy (she plays the tv and wins), and dressing to the nines. My nannie is a traveler too. She has been everywhere from the land down under to on a cruise ship in Alaska. She took my brother and I to her homeland while we were both in college and it was the trip of a lifetime....She recently met her first great grandson and was smitten kitten for sure. It was worth the 3000 miles to see the smile on her face while holding him. I am so excited to share him with her and when he grows share "my nannie" with him....cause she's somethin I tell yah!!!!

My favorite (Organic cotton knitted with love by Nannie)
Doesn't he just look cozy?

22 days left

My maternity leave has been amazing, fun, crazy, nerve-racking, exciting, unbelievable...all at the same time. I will never again be able to have this time with Whityn (well, except for summer hehe)! I am really enjoying myself and my baby! I like to think of myself as a lady of leisure....see the following!

Tuesday afternoon Yoga with Deb....NOTE: Whit is asleep in front of me!
A close-up of those killer lips!
Here we all are...enjoying mommyhood and sun salutes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun photos from bama

Brother and sister
I love my pops!
Ole BJ got hitched!!!!
Every time I see Raven...we pick right up where we left off. I miss you girl!
Kane and his new cutie!
Can you believe I met a girl taller than me?
Who knows what they are doing?
Whole lotta love!
My bro bought a new pad..I went to check it out. I am so proud of him!!!!
Our last night in parents begged us to babysit....and we took advantage of it. We drove to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. Good times!