Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Any difference?

Okay, here it goes...for the world to see...haha. THE first one is obviously Day 1 and the second one is Day 24...I stop on Friday...because we are headed to the BEACH...ahhhh!

However, I convinced Jordy to try it out with me when we return...so I am going to do a FULL 90 days beginning sometime mid-April. I am excited about it...I will keep you updated....

P.S. - DO YOU NOTICE any difference?
Bring it! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


The chariot is the best BABY purchase I have made. I love it. I use it everyday and Whit loves it too. He tends to take naps in here...and yesterday I looked in to find him all the way sideways sleeping....see, ours is a double....(NOOOOO, we are not planning ahead, but we got a great deal on it)....and it's quite roomy really..and he just laid on down. hahahahah.It was so sunny and beautiful yesterday...we did a 5 mile loop with Matt, Shell and Teya. I had planned to go 5 more, but Whit was all done....and so was I. Guess I am going again tomorrow.
On the road again.
All done. This is one happy, smiling, lovable baby. My mom says he is such a good baby. I think that too, but you see I don't know any different. He has greatly enriched my life. It's quite the ADVENTURE really. I love Whit-ski!!!!

ARE you ready for the wild wild WEST?

Never in a million years did I actually think that my parents would DRIVE into my driveway in Victor, Idaho. I always thought it would be cool if they lived out this way...but never did I think they would do it....WELL, they did. Tuesday night Nonna and Poppa pulled into my driveway in their white mercury sable. They had been on the road since early Sunday morning. The roads were pretty good until they reached Laramie, Wyoming. They were on I-80 and got to witness a true SPRING snowstorm + crazy WILD west drivers. Despite the white knuckles they made it. If you haven't been keeping up....my parents are making a move to Manila, utah (aka THE FLAMING GORGE). I have never been there, but I hear it's beautiful and a fishermen's dream....which means my pops will love it. They are managing THE VACATION INN down there. If you don't know my parents...let me just tell you that this is EXTREMELY out of the box for them. I am so proud of their ADVENTURE seeking because for the next 7 months...we will be closer...only a 4 hour drive. YEAH.
This past week while they were here, they picked up the daycare slack. They loved being home with Whit-ski!!!
Lots of kisses and hugs were exchanged.
My dad loves to put his hat on Whit. I bet he can't wait to take him fishing.
My mom just loved every minute of taking care of her grandson. She also loved bossing me around and telling me how to take care of Whit too. I guess that's just what moms do...HUH?
So, all of you from ALABAMA are probably wondering what the heck DAD is doing down here by his tire....WELL, he is attaching TIRE cables (or chains) to drive over the PASS and down into Utah. For like the past 3 weeks, we have had amazing SUNNy...dry...BEAUTIFUL weather, but of course when my parents arrive....we had a sideways, crazy snowstorm which left the roads...well, RATHER snowy...so, I told them they needed to go and purchase a set of TIRE chains. Here is the rookie going for it.
He did pretty well, considering he had never seen or done anything like this.
Getting down and dirty.

Don't let her fool you. She didn't help put them on...but she walked on out afterwards to give them a sign of approval. Mom had declared that she wasn't going to go to Utah unless dad put on chains....he was a good boy, he did it.

* ...my parents made it safely to Manila, Utah Saturday. They are looking forward to a fun, interesting 7 months out west.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down on the farm...

Took my class to the Wilson Farm today. We took the bus...less than a mile down the road...to go and see what "LAMBING" is all about. It was so neat to see all the baby lambs. I enjoyed it just as much as they did.
Check my classroom blog to see more!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Whit and Jensey

He will be wishing that she would sit next to him in about 10 more years. This was a sunny day a few weeks ago. We HEART Jensey!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

at a glance!

Well...well...well. 30 feels the same so far! It was a crazy fun-filled week....EXCEPT for Whityn decided to get PINK-eye and some type of infection...he's on antibiotics now....crazy. He has had quite the week. I am on -biotics too. While at the doc...I got checked out too. I had a sinus infection....eeesh. Here goes the week at a GLANCE.
Driving to school....this is my view....purty huh? I sure enjoy the day-light savings TIME change....especially after school SUNSHINE.

St. patty's day is always one of my PERSONAL favorites...perhaps it's because my b-day is the following day...or perhaps it's just a RAD day....we DID not cook Whit in the crockpot...but Jordy did make corn-beef and cabbage in the crock-pot...and it was so GOOD. We had the Stitts over and drank guiness too. YUM. Whitty's and Jensey fell asleep way too early.
Happy B-day....to me! 30 years on the planet...wow. I have learned a lot. Today I spent MOST of my day with kids at the Alta school. We had a beach bash...which included limbo, the BEACH boys...fun balloon games...and ICEcream...yum.
After the beach bash...the staff made me a PEanut-butter choc. cake....and i ate that too.
THEN Jordy and I went out to the SNAKE river grill in Jackson..while my bud AFTON watched Whitties.....he was so good for her she said.
Why are b-days so fun? Why do you feel so special? Today a BUCKET was placed outside my door. The entire school...kids and faculty filled my bucket with notes, messages and little gifts. It made me feel like a million bucks. I have my little bucket on my shelf at home....still full. I have read them all a few times...so thoughtful. THANKS guys. Getting your bucket filled FEELS good.
This happy...cute...little sweet-pea decided that he would get the PINK eye....can't tell in this pick....it's all gone now...thank god. We went to the doctor AGAIN on
Friday......I missed school too....and we both got put on antibiotics....eeesh.
We did get outside a bit this weekend (it was so pretty)...but mostly we stayed around the house...and did some SPRING cleaning and WHITTies did some sleeping. He is sitting up so good now...it's so cute to watch him see the world this way. He loves to stand up and balance....looks so proud of himself when he does it.
Rue dreams of the moment that Whit will chase him. They are gonna be best buds.
Whit doesn't suck his thumb...or take a paci...but he LOVES chewing his fingers lately....teethy baby I guess. He has two on the bottom. Wonder when and where the next ones will be.
This was taken today (SUNDAY) as I was organizing sock drawers...tv baskets...under the couch....closets...etc. See the heart-shaped necklace Whitties has in his hand...it's called chewable jewels...you can find it here. I happened upon this at school and Whit loves it...when it's on me or if he just gets to play with it. I would say get'cha one.....if you have a chewer on your hands.
Okay, just a quick post ABOut my amazing....supportive...kitchen-cleaning....dinner making...snuggle bug....husband. You see around FEB. 28th...he got this bright idea that we should go SUGAR-free for March..so okay....we did it...I lasted until March 12th...I know I know...but it's my BDAY month...and it was just way too hard....so, you know that all the GIRL scout cookies come in this month too...yep. Well, between the two of us...we each ordered about 15 boxes....being teachers and all. So, our cookies came home...I ate a box here..then a box there...and well, I really wanted a TAG-A-LONG...since I had never had those..I only ordered one box...well, Jordy ordered 3 boxes....yes 3 or those....so, I asked for a cookie...and my amazing husband...was like no way, you already ate yours....and I of course was like...DID you forget how to share? And he was like I will share them in April when my sugar free march is up...and I am like..well, I want them now....after much of this and THAT and a kind-of bickering session..I got my box....he shared. I can't believe this guy and his sweets. It was funny. You kinda of had to be there. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh, what a weekend.

It all started with PARENT/TEACHER conference week.....eeesh. This time Jordy and I had them on the same week, which was ROUGH on the schedules. AND I decided that STARTING P90x this week was a good idea too...(it is)...anyhow, Thursday morning I headed over to my friend Anne's house around 5am....eeesh...I know...but we are crazy and we had P/T conferences that night...so, it was the only time it was gonna happen. Well, when I drove away..everyone..dogs included were snoozing happily. Around 4o minutes later, Jordy called me with WHIT screaming in the background...."Hey, Whit is hot...I think he has a fever....and he woke up screaming"....ME: WHAT? okay....I am on my way...so home I went and there we were..the 3 of us...not knowing exactly what to do...I got Whityn calmed down and back to sleep, but he had a fever. So, Jordy took the day off (BECAUSE I have NO DAYS left)...and off to the doctors....LONG of the short is...we find out that Whityn has "FOOT and MOUTH"....yep, I know what you are thinking..but go ahead and read it...it does happen a LOT! Anyhow, poor sucker was so sick...Thursday, Friday, and started to feel better on Saturday mid-day....which was the DAY of my 3oth B-DAY party....however we cancelled it on Friday, cause our DOC told us to not have people in/out of the house touching all over Whit...cause F and M is VERY contagious!!!!! Yuck! I will spare you photos of Whit with red eyes and a VERY sad face...and save them for my memory only. I am just so glad I was able to be home with him and Jordy. We both had a 3 day weekend (due to P/T conferences)....so, back to my 30th.....
Jordy talked me into going out (since my party had been cancelled and he felt so bad) to the LOCAL BREWERY (who was also having a DISCO party to raise money for the local ARTS council)....so, with a little convincing I rallied for the occassion.....I am turning 30 ya know!!!! *SIDEnote...remember that I cancelled my party in which all my friends were coming over to my house for a DISCO...
So, I found a FEW "GOOD time GIRLS" to go with me to the brewery to throw down some 7o style dance moves....it was fun. And funny. Any so my style....
Back to WHIT: He has made a full recovery...eating and drinking again...sleeping too....we didn't sleep for 2 nights in a row...it was horrible...my heart goes out to the parents of NON-sleeping children...
The following pictures are for your viewing pleasure....ENJOY!

Gotta love the disco clothes....*Rachel, thanks for the leg-warmers, they came in handy in PRETENDING my one-piece was long enough.
Karen, you are awesome..thanks for driving me and dancing with me....RACHEL, thanks for driving over the hill to show your love...you are so amazing and the fact that my belt broke and you took yours off and gave me yours....THANKS....ur the best.

Anne, the true-blue "good-time" girl....my dear colleague and friend...YOU ROCK! Shannon, always bringing it....dance moves and all...you are so fun to be out and about with.

Why stop with the contents of the bag? Just eat the bag.
teethy, happy, fun little baby IS BACK!!!!!
I will get one of these little "cheerio" like things in my mouth....I will I will I will!!!!!
Goodnight all...
ps-Jordy went to bed early with a fever and the chills....i think he has GROWN up version of FOOT and mouth...yuck.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't WIG out...it's just bath time!

Nothing wrong with a little Monday night fun....right? I got a package in the mail...it was from AMAZON.com!!!! I ordered some ACCESSORIES for a little DIsco this weekend....and I tried some of it on Whit...what'do yah think???

I think he would look good with black puffs!
Makes those baby blues POP right out!
OFF with the wig...into the sink....Monday was WHit's 7 month BDAY....so we celebrated a wash in the sink...he loved it. He was splashing up a storm.
I had to hold on to him at times...cause he was kinda nutso in there...he was jerking and splashing and waving about....he was a slippery little sucker!
Bathing and books....
UPDATE: Whit has had two days at his new daycare...so to speak. She is great. She keeps a log of Whit's day. She writes naps, foods, diapers discoveries, moods...etc. I love it...cause sometimes the drop off and pick up can be rushed so we have a nice little log to write in about Whit. She is so sweet and amazing and WHIT seems happy with the his new family. ps-i left school at lunch for 20 minutes to nurse him. I love that he is sooooo close. Things are on the up and up....

Another thing: My mom and dad are moving HERE. I am sooooooo excited. They will be a CAR drive away...never in a million BA-jillion years did I expect my parents to move this FAR out of their VERy comfortable COMFORT zone...hahaha. But, it's amazing what a grand-baby can do right...so, they will be here at the end of March, and reporting in to Utah around then too for the next 7 months running an Inn at the Flaming Gorge. So, we will be seeing a lot of them!!!! We are thrilled. I broke the news to Whit and he is beside himself...drooling all over, he is so happy. See you soon Nonna and Poppa!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've become a weekend warrior....blog-poster...

Well, another weekend came and left...it's 10:02pm as I write this now...and we had A big weekend...one with decisions to make and dinners to eat....FIRST, Whityn came to Kindergarten on FRIDAY....and it was an ADVENTURE for all of us. The kids loved it and I did the best I could at both jobs...phew! To make a long story short...we weren't completely satisfied with our current DAY-CARE provider..and unsatisfied enough that I CHOSE to bring Whit to school with me...since I have no more sick leave left...my principal approved it and it was what it was...

He didn't fall short of any love...that's for sure. They couldn't and wouldn't keep their hands off of him. He loved it!
Taking turns.
The sweet little red-head in the back of this picture...see her. Well, she is one of six and her wonderful mother will be taking care of Whityn everyday now. We are thrilled that he will be a quarter of a mile from me. I couldn't be happier with the change. Speaking of change....WHIT is 7...yes SEVEN months tomorrow. I simply can't bl it! He is sitting up....scooching around on his belly....he loves to stand...he LOVES to eat (like his momma)...he's very social...and he is TEETHING...he can't keep his fingers out of his mouth...on SAturday night we went to our neighbor's house for a sushi party...and he was sucking his thumb...which was new....hmmm! He also will let you know when he is mad lately too. He doesn't like to wait to long for that bottle...or bite...or anything...and he gets pi**ed...when you take something away that he might be enjoying like my cell phone....hahaha.
This was a picture from today...and yes it's still snowy..BUT, it was almost 40...and we DID 80 for HAITI today with Whityn. We joined a few runners and walkers at TETON springs to send money to Haiti. Lisa Smith-Batchen..the lady in charge did 100 miles over the weekend..impressive huh. I did like 3. hahaha.
This was Whityn while we walked/ran laps at the Springs....
Then we got home...and Jordy gave Whityn some plastic bubble wrap...yep, we are good parents....BELIEVE me though...don't DARE take it away..or you will hear about it.
If all it took was plastic bubble wrap to make me this happy.....hehheheheh. Okay, so I chose to POST the following picture...for those out there who care..like my mom and dad...and nannie...I started P90X tonight with my friend Anne. She has done it once before..and I really wanted to do it....but MY new year's ressie is to FIND BALANCE...so instead I am doing p30x....perfect timing for our SPRING BREAK in florida. I am excited to shape and tone up this long body of mine which is ABOUT to be turning 30 mind you! yikes. I will post a BACK photo in 30 days...and I will let you be the decider. ps-don't mind my hot rat tail....hahaha...and the workout has you take pictures...it wasn't our idea...okay? So, don't laugh to hard or I will beat you up in 30 days!!!!!