Monday, April 26, 2010

i love wheat wheat.

Teya calls Whit..."Wheat-Wheat" I think that is his newest nick-name from a little are sooooo cute. They also ALWAYs pronounce his name with a hard's funny.
i love my wheat wheat
and he loves me.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring cleaning or LACK there of...

I feel like I have been insanely busy my house clean (why is that so hard?)...Whitties...I guess it doesn't seem like that much...but it's overwhelming at times..

I feel like Whitties is growing up so fast....I wanna freeze time. I love him being a little guy. I am beside myself that I get to spend SUMMER days with my two boys.

We broke out of our WORK rut with a mid-week DOUBLE date night with the Carsons.
We used to live a few doors down from this dynamic just a few miles...but we don't see each other often enough. So, it was fun to catch up over a few slices of pizza at the local pizza place. While we chatted and gabbed...laughed and ate...Whitties was hanging with Jensey, Anne, and Todd. They are the best. We love kid swapping with these guys. We love their little Jensey and they love Whitties. When we picked up Whit...he was passed out in the Stitt's bed right next to's was to die for. Anne took pictures...I will add em...when I get my hands on them. Years from now we will tease them about sleeping in the same bed together...hehehe. FUNNY.

So, Spring cleaning around the GRIFFIN house was in total slack mode...but this weekend...we picked it up a notch...WHY does it feel so good to clean your house from top...TO...bottom? We ordered up a new stuff from fun. I will post pictures when I get a new camera....this's for REALLLLLLY broken. BUMMER.

Here's that beautiful Afton...sometimes you can't keep your eyes off of her!
Afton spotted me at JACK and JILL's this weekend (kid consignment store)...and she snapped this one...glad she didn't catch anymore of me...I hadn't showered..hehehe. *Shortly after this picture...WHIT bit me for the first time...and it HURT.
While we were out for Pizza...Whit stayed in for Sweet Potatoes...served up by Jensey.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Warriors!!!

We were in Salt Lake City this past weekend. It's a fun and easy trip down there. We went for my RACE....1/2 marathon...not that I was competing..I was completing! I talked two of my friends into running with me and then over the past 6 weeks I realized my body is still in recovery mode from, I ran/walked the race and they smoked it. See the happy runners here and here and here. It was a fun getaway weekend. We also got to see the GRANDparents while down in Utah...cause remember they live in UTAH too. They are about 2.5 hours away from SLC, so they made the drive for some shopping and food. It was fun to catch up and hang in the sun.

We did a stop off at the GATEWAY in SLC. I had to do some shopping since I never get to do that.
The boys did some waiting and hanging...
Family photo in front of the GATEWAY...I can't b/l Whit is 8.5 months old. WOW.
Nonna, Poppa Skip and Whitties in front of the Gateway.
Hanging in the hotel.

It was a nice weekend...but I am ready for some R and R this coming weekend. I just want to be at home and get Whit back on his schedule.
Speaking of Whit...that little guy is a ham.
He loves kids...all kids..smiles...waves and does the sugarlump dance when he sees kids
He sits and plays happily for long periods of time...
He has four teeth
He does the pretend "crawl" dance but doesn't crawl...and I am okay with that.
He scoots, rolls and turns easily.
He is a mellow and happy little guy...
He loves patty cake, outside, GRASS, dogs, FANS, puffs (cheerio type things), kisses, waving, saying "ah-dah" like a million times.
He loves to be tickled especially his feet and thighs...
He loves his dad....and speaking of his dad.

WE celebrated our "5" year anniversary last Friday. I can't b/l it's been five years. It's flown by. I love Jordy more than anything. He is the best husband, father and teacher. He makes me want to be a better person everyday.

*I think I am going to buy a new camera...suggestions? Mine is only taking black and white pics...for some reason...I think it's done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little clip

8 months old...Whit is loving his cousins!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Whityn goes to Florida!

Well, here I go...I am about to attempt a VERY long post...there might be a part 1 and a part 2. I haven't decided. We will see how this unfolds.
As many of you know Jordy and I were on spring break last week. We flew to West Palm Beach, Florida for some R and R...and Aunt Beezy's wedding. There is lots to report...of course...I will try to hit the highlights and stay on track. We left on Friday from Victor and drove an hour up the road to Idaho Falls to stay the night for our VERY early flight on Saturday morning. It was a fun way to start our vaca...we stayed at the BEST WESTERN (it was really nice) and it was right across the street from Jakers...a yummy little eatery (THANKS for the locals hint Afton)...
We left from Idaho Falls at 6:30 AM and arrived in WEST Palm Beach just after 10 PM...4 planes...many many poopie diapers...a few major meltdowns and lots of laughs. Whityn was a little trooper. We spent the next four days visiting with family, going to the zoo, swimming, playing with cousins, shopping, prepping for AUNT Beezy's wedding, EATING tons of seafood, soaking up the rays and enjoying doing NOTHING. Thursday - Sunday we ventured on down to Delray Beach, Florida and stayed at the Seagate. It was soooooo amazing. They had these huge fish tanks in the lobby with TONS of sea creatures in them...Whittles love it. We strolled around, ate ice-cream, visited the beach, ate more seafood, met new people and had a fun WEDDING weekend with the Griffin-Kirwins. We were so bummed to come back and leave the beach on Sunday. We got back into Idaho Falls around 11PM...and pulled into the driveway around 1:30 AM...and back to school this morning...again Whit was a trooper...he turned 8 months, cut his front two teeth, and is gearing up to CRAWL...that kid is a mellow one..we got so many compliments from people...he is quite the little jet-setter.
THE following are for your viewing pleasure:

we met this little fella in Charlotte, North Carolina...he was all about hugging Whit
enjoying HIS first EVER popsicle in the arms of GayGay
Easter Dinner at Loxahatchee
Meeting the bunny with cousins Hayden and Eliza
Jord and Beezy (the bride to be)

Stevie Wonder in the sun.
cousins on the couch
out in the sun
this is so fun...
introducing the pool wrap and nap (swim, wrap, insert bottle...Nap)
Going to the zoo
Evidence that we were cute stroller..yes, it's mine..we bought it in Florida...we thought we could do this trip without one...well, we couldn't (+ I forgot my ERGO...eeesh) we were in Babies R us for 2 hours picking this sucker out..we love it. Jordy REALLy loves it.
cousins strollin the zoo
on the MERRY go round...
swimming with CHa Cha
I love this new teething ring (designed for the front teeth) It's the first one he loves....
Lots of Mirror time at Cha-Chas
Off to get pedis...even the wee one gets a treat.
at the seagate.
pool time..this kid loves to splash..
and do airplane
and catch rays
pointing is his new thing..yet he doesn't really know what he's doing...but, it's too cute.
the look
hitting the beach in my new wheels
family photo on Delray Beach
first time in the sand
loving it
more airplane

watching the waves
sandy feet
THe seagate plus super fast JORDY
girls luncheon (Eliza and Mom MOM *JOrd's mom)
Aunt Beezy and Whittles
just hangin
fun with cousins
rehearsal dinner
post dinner at the pu
b and before bed mirror pic below..note jordy and I have traded shoes...hehehe. THe photos stop there due to a BROKEN camera...ugh. I am investing in a new one...but don't worry Blair had 3 photogs at all I will post more wedding pics when they are up. STay tuned.