Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Uncle Kane...

This guy to the left is one special kid. I bet you that Whit will LOVE spending time with him. For now, he just likes pulling at his facial hair!
It is pretty amazing how much Whit looks like Kane as a baby. Those baby blues!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Linn Canyon Ranch.....what a night!

We decided to treat the family for a night at Linn Ranch. We did a sleigh ride, drinks, and dinner. It was so special. If you are a local and haven't taken advantage of this....DO it!!!!
We chose the 4pm sleigh ride for ole Whit Whit....he had a red nose, but seemed to love it.
Run horsey Run!
Mom and Jordy snuggle up at dinner.
Whit gets a little love from Kristina...he LOVES her!
A little love from daddy...
Happy 32 years Mom and Dad. Something to be so proud of.....
Mommy and Whit
A few family laughs....haha....the ole Judy chop!
AND way too many drinks. :)
And time to go home....this is what Kane looked like after dinner and wine....he WAS so full. He was miserable...but he had soo much fun getting there.
This was such a nice holiday treat....I think we'll do it next year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

BREAK.....some things so far!

Jordy gave me this amazing "Circle of Life" pendant in honor of Whityn...The stones were from a ring his dad gave his mom when he was born...and she passed it on to him..and he designed this piece for me....I LOVE it.
Whit got a new water bottle....which he might drink out of next year sometime.....we'll see!
Whit has been sitting up a lot....he can sit up on the floor too. This is Teya's little chair and he loved it. Doesn't he look cute?
Mommy and Daddy escaped for a ski together...
I learned to skate ski...(THANKS Jenny)...don't you love my skate ski flare..hahaha.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Merry.....and Heaven and Nature sing!!!!!

Just a wet your whistle....more later!!!! But for now...A WISH for a Happy Happy Happy Day. We are having a blast with Nonna and fun!!!!! Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mr. McSguiggles stats...

Little Whit at 4.5 months old is weighing in at 14 lbs 3 oz which puts him in the 45% in WEIGHT! AND....measuring 27.5 inches long which puts him off the charts for his age...ha!
He is getting so big...Whit loves the dogs and is noticing them more and loves to pull at Rue's ears and bite them too. Don't worry mom, Rue had taken his bath...
Happenings and Sightings:
*Whit loves to talk in the mornings more than any other time.
*He loves to follow you around with his eyes
*He is very ticklish on his back..and loves when you say "weeeee"
*He seems to have found his tongue and smacks it around a lot...
*He rolls from his back side to side....and has been rolling from his tummy all the way over since 2 months...but now he's really good at it.
*He loves for you to pull him up the the sitting position..but still can't sit up....but likes to try.
*loves to stand up on you while you hold him...just smiles and looks so proud of himself.
*Has his first little cough (oh so sad)
*Loves to suck on his fists...and fingers....drools ALOT....
*Sleeps 4-5 hours at night most nights..and wakes to nurse still....which i love.
*Sleeps in the swing still and in our room...I love when he is with us....
*Is a good little "on the towner"....
*Great little sleeper...
Okay, enough about Whit....more fun things to come.

I flew the coop...

Last night...I happened upon an ENDEAVOR...but not just any ENDEAVor...the "PARTY bus"...Now, I know you are wondering how did I end up on this bus...well, my FRIEND "Itty Bitty Stitty" and her husband own a local business....and they had an extra spot on the bus for their CHRISTMAS party and I got invited. It was my first night on the town as a MOM...and it felt a little different...but I had so much fun....the bus was equipped with a disco light, sound system, leather couches and bean bags..and the GUY even has his own liquor was a MOVING bAr with your best buddies..and NON stop dancing....I had a few moves I had to get out....that had been cooped up for a few months now. HA.

After a night of dancing....ahhh! I haven't done this is oh so long! Welcome back CRAZY legs...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 months is happenin' in this house...

Speaks for itself...
A kiss from papa...
things have gotten busy...but we got together with Mils and Karen on Friday night for beers and smiles...
Millie was calling up the crew....did I tell you that Millie goes to daycare with Whit now...and everytime I walk in to pick him up..she says: WHIT, cute!
Instead of visiting with Millie....Whit is busy sticking anything in his mouth...we think he might be teething...
We also had a nice night at the new ressie in Victor: The Stonehouse...yummy!
Jensey was taking good care of Whit.
She looks like she would be a great older sister...huh Anne?
Whit loves her....
Busy Busy WEEKEND....
We also hit up Idaho Falls for some Holiday shopping...and off to Matty P's 40th Surprise Bday was a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

WEEKEND whirlwind.

Guess who is interested in the "jumper"
Snuggling up with was well below 0*
Face time with Daddy
Saturday LUNCH tradition at the Knotty Pine....watching Alabama BEAT Florida!!!
Whit wore this colors...
Hanging at Aunt Lydias....their TREE is amazing!
Whit is all tuckered out! Whew.....there went the weekend. WE DID manage to get our tree...clean our house...go out to eat...and visit with some friends.