Monday, September 26, 2011

teacher mafia at it's finest.

Saturday was the big day. For the past 30 days...I tried to run at least 2-3 times a week. It paid off because I didn't have to walk my 6.5 miles...I wasn't the fastest...but I did have the bEST socks...hehehehe.This was taken at the 33 degree starting line...when Anne and I left Victor, idaho it was 51 degrees and when we got to was sooooo much colder. Anne was a good sport about it tho....hence her down coat.
No wonder she ran so fast...she said she couldn't feel her thighs...OUCH.
Anne tagged Rachel at 7.8 miles....and little Ms. Rachel FLEW too. What's with these fast girls?
Rachel TAGGED TRACY....and we went to meet tracy at one point..and she was so fast we missed our meeting spot...we had to RUN her down in the MAFIA truck!
Got her. She was so pumped...because she caught up with CARGO pants (this guy behind her) that we referred to as cargo pants...we were trying to catch up with him from the beginning.
And then there is me...waiting for the LAST TAG at the Stilson lot she comes...SPRINTING...mind you! She blew "cargo pants" go girl!
And the tag.
And there's ole' me...trodding along!
long legs in action
we made it in 3 hours and 41! And little Whitty was waiting at the finish line.
the two lovebirds relaxing in the sun....the finish line had a band...and was held at teton was a sunny beautiful afternoon.
we stuck around for the rewards and by golly we took first place in the relay division
me and my buddy.
Super momma Anne and her cutie...
Minus one...celebration.
these two were having their own celebration.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Feels like fall.

Well, if you were wondering it isn't slowing down around here, in fact it just speeds up! Whityn has been asking questions?
When pulling into the driveway: "Mommy, whose car is that?" "Where's my hotrods?" "Where's my elKAmeeeedo?"
"Can you help me mommy?" AND saying all kinds of stuff..."Get that yucky boogie mommy"...I wear my Muqueen shirt....I do it....change my diaper...I want some nilk please....i go for a bike ride now cars with me....or I play puck!
Whitty loves his sports. He calls hockey "puck". Daddy is teaching him all his moves!

He finally let me put slippers on his tootsies...lately the mornings have been pretty all of us were wearing slippers...Whitty sported his ELMO ones. He liked them.
He loves to help daddy with his sit-ups...He helps you by crawling on your stomach and kissing you or crawling behind you so that you crush him on the way down. It's quite helpful REALLY!
Whitty likes to help mommy with laundry. He asks to "get in dere" so in he goes....
Saturday was a beautiful morning. I woke with the dressed, ate some granola and was out the door to meet Jenn and Morgan for the HORSESHOE annual 10k up horseshoe canyon. It was awesome.
We walked a bit...ran all the down hills and just kept on running to the end!
It was Morgan's first race ever! She did great.
I was loving it. It was the perfect FALL day with friends in the mountains.
And I even ran with camera in hand so that I could take some MID-run pictures! You know me!?!
Down the hill we come!
And look who was at the finish line!
He was happy to see his momma and eat some snacks. We stayed for the RAFFLE prizes because this race always has good swag! I scored a knitted frisbee, some socks, a coozie, t-shirt and water bottle. Not bad huh? Whitty kept wondering when he was gonna win a prize. He kept saying, "I have a prize now mommy."....
And this was what I ate when I got home....glad my metabolism is still kicking...hehehehe. I hope at least!

Monday, September 12, 2011

quick. fast. in a hurry.

Gotta love a weekend right. Why do they always disappear QUICK. FAST. IN A HURRY!...We spent Friday night as a family and ordered take-out...and put the little one to bed...and neither one of us can remember what happened after 9pm...we were exhausted I guess.
Saturday night was our DATE-night at the Marlar house. Jenn turned 34 and had a bbq bash. We were lucky enough to get the invite. We had brats, burgers and lots of yummy side dishes...and there was enough beer for all the BIG people. We left the little one at home with Emily from 4-9. It was nice to carry on multiple Portuguese horseshoes and relax for a few hours.
I was the Portuguese champion...
At around 8ish..the Stitts called us from the lake...they needed DOG help...because they wanted to camp out but their dogs were at Todd's we came to the rescue and brought them to our house and then got a LAKE invite for SUNDAY...wahoo! We woke...did waffles and sausage..and headed down the the Palisades. The Stitts were waiting! Can you find the little one tucked in Todd's legs? Whitty loves some Todd.
There were some water sports!

Like doubles skiing perhaps?
And the wee ones tube hopped inside the floating dock...Whit was beside himself!

And there is always lots of eating.

And of course...we stayed too long...we ate too was storming by the time we got home...and we experienced a few meltdowns by the little bear...but quickly put him down to sleep...and that solved that!

Hope you all had a great weekend too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day lazies.

Ahhh, gotta love 3-day weekends. I wish we had them every weekend...but we don't! Whityn was sure enjoying his mommy and daddy time, but daddy time more lately than ever. He loves his daddy. His daddy gets good snuggles and when I walk in his room in the morning and daddy walks in minutes after me, his face just lights up and he runs over to snuggle him. I have to admit...I have been a bit jealous about that. hmmpfh!
Monday we woke up and Whitty and I went up to DREAMCHASERS for a morning core class. It's awesome cause they have a kid's playroom and the kids can see into the workout room. However, Whityn wanted his mommy the entire class. I ended up doing my core exercises inside the kid's room. Jordy went to do some yoga and our whole day was better because of the morning exercise.
We put Whittys down for a nap and then headed up to the pool at Targhee cause it's closing this coming Sunday.

While we were up there we rode the lift to the top of the mountain. Whit thinks he is big time on the chair lift.
It was a nice relaxing family day. We even made it to the grocery store without too many complaints.
Whitty looks pretty good in mommy's flannel. Don't you think?
While we were up north in Alta...we hit up the Alta playground too. Whityn strolled the grounds...looking like old man farmer...this kid is cute as heck!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spontaneous LOOP.

From Rexburg's BEAR WORLD....through Idaho Falls {mall, target and a few other stops}
We did the cheesy drive-thru at Yellowstone Bear world...but Whityn seemed to love spotting the bears. "There a bear mommy"
And then of course you must walk through the gift shop...the only thing we left with was jellybeans!
Whit loved the petting zoo.
"I touch him" he kept saying...

"Come on mommy, let's go for a hike"
And then we tickled the dear.
And Whit told this dear where to eat.
He's not too crazy about our chickens right now, so I was surprised to see him get this close to these chickens...
He was nuts about the train...
and excited to try the roller coaster...but ended up screaming a bit...
glad it was only 4 loops...or he might've freaked out!
He loved loved the cars...he rode those twice.

And then he q-ued right up for the Twirly bears...
And there they go.