Friday, August 19, 2011

Room changes & Shopping trip & String Lake & Date Night

So...times are busy. It's August and all teachers know that the overwhelming sensation begins in the pits of your tummy this time and instead of enjoying my LONG summer days I find myself checking off the to-do list and dropping in my classroom almost every day of the week. And this year since Jordy is joining our's been more convenient to go to school together but quite chaotic with a 2 year let's just say I am not ready yet...but am well on my way.
Enough shop talk...on the home front...Whitty is so 2 these days...he wants what he wants when the He&!? he wants it...he wakes up go downstairs...before his eyes are even open he is saying, "May I peas go downstairs?"'s so funny...but if you don't take him..there is an instant I decided to spruce up his room with his toys from downstairs to see if it would make it more appealing to play when he wakes up in his own far...I have to convince him to play...but it's working! Here he is playing with his fire-guys and firehouse from Aunt Ramey and Hayden.
My great buddy Anne and her little girl Jensey invited us to hit up Idaho Falls on Tuesday night for some back to school shopping...we left our town around we knew going in it was going to be a long night...we stopped at Kohl's and TJ Max and Whitty did great...he walked beside the cart...helped pick out new shirts...socks and underpants with birthday money from Nannie, Nonna and Poppa...He even scored some new books and movies too. We finished shopping at 9pm...and then hit up Johnny Carinos with the 9pm..we were just feeding them dinner....AND did I say they were GREAT! They were! It was a miracle...for me at least! Here they are waiting to get seated....Jensey was such a big helper! They even put on their new shirts for you!
She was good at keeping him under control...sorta!
Thursday we hit up String Lake in the park...we were supposed to be leaving Thursday - Sunday to camp on Leigh Lake...but we totally bagged it. It just seemed too overwhelming for Jordy and our good friends bagged too...and the few people we invited couldn't make we went for the day instead....such a great idea.
Anne, Jensey, Kate, Eli...Nic and Kristin met was a sunny...amazing day in the tetons..
Not a bad view either.
Jensey is getting so big...I can't believe it. We love Jensey in this house!
My friend Nic and his girlfriend met us out there too...Nic has been away at Law school in Vermont getting all smart...and falling in love with Kristin too...she's awesome...Nic, Jordy and Kristin all swam to the big was freezing...Whityn and I stayed on shore.
And wreaked havoc.
on the beach.
This 2 year old is busy.
Nice diaper eh?
And the best part of Thursday was THURSDAY honey took me to the bistro in Jackson on his gift card...we enjoyed margs...tuna tartar...calamari....pork adobe....and meatloaf...oh so yummy...then we sat in the back row at the movie theatre to watch CRAZY STUPID LOVE...not our first choice..but it was cute and I got to enjoy a dairy free chocolate bar with my hubs. Good night!

Monday, August 15, 2011

A little horsey ride.

Our neighbors had their horse and mule out for a little walk and guess WHO got a ride... guessed it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday who?

I'm 2!

I can't actually believe that my little bear is 2! I have been a mom for two years. Crazy!?! He has totally changed our lives...that's for's been magical...unbelievable...insane...adventurous...crazy....exciting...embarrassing...scary...and just down right fun! I love this kid more than you ever think you could love something. I have had so much fun watching Jordy be his daddy too. He has way surpassed how I even thought he would be as a dad. He's amazing...and this little 2 year old is amazing too. To celebrate his life...we went camping on the weekend...but on his actual birthday we invited a few friends over to share in his BIG day...and to hang with us!
We went down to the grocery for a brisket..but they were out so we settled on hotdogs...and a potluck...4 CARS balloons...and a few MUh-queen juice boxes....for his lady friends...
Whityn decided to tailgate in his tub-pool with his toys...he did a little pre-partying!
Then he ran around in his birthday-suit waiting on his guests to arrive.

And they did...and of course they arrived with we just WENT ahead and did that first....he got a little semi-truck with yellow diggers attached...a stuffed doggy...a new watering can....a zooming tractor...a hammer and nails...a pig book...a remote controlled McQUeen car...A PLAYSET...and some CASH..he made out pretty good...I highly recommend presents first cause then they can play with them....
Whityn kept asking Jensey for help on his presents...she was a great assistant.
And Rachel and Jon put together the remote control McQueen speedy quick!
And then it was time to suck down a McQueen juicebox! Notice that he has on purple crocs...he stole Millies...she wasn't very happy about that.
And now time for dogs...watermelon...chicken salad...pasta salad...
And then someone passed out noise makers...

And everyone started to sing while I lit the Mator and McQueen candles on his Mexican Mocha birthday was a huge hit...there was NONE left.

Who do you think blew out the candles?

"May I have some cake please?" were Whitty's exact words....such a sweet boy!

Happy Birthday little bear! WE love you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

thank goodness for immodium AND bug mayhem.../

When Whityn turned one...we spent it on Green River Lakes camping. When Whityn turned two...we spent it on Elk Island camping. We met our friends the Schells at the put in in Colter Bay inside Grand Teton National Park (my old stomping ground when I was 18)...The Schells brought a motor boat (for hauling over ALL camping necessities including my new SUN chair...:) so thankfully they waited for the Griffins to arrive....
Whityn was so excited to ride in the boat...but I don't think he new how long we would be inside the boat.
Rene also brought her kayak and she followed us over while her hubby and the kids rode in the motor boat.
And we're off...on a 3 hour tour...
After a long canoe ride ALL THE WAY AROUND ELK ISLAND....Whityn was very happy to be there...he went right to exploring!
Camp was set up...we caught a little rain/storm..but it didn't last long..and it set the mood for Jordy's chili that he made up....YUM.
Here's little Charlotte exploring down my rocks with Mt. Moran in the background...
Trying to drive the bugs away..with an early fire..the bugs were bad...poor kids...they got eaten alive...Chili was good....and after a few beers and a glass or a two of wine...we started winding down....AND tummy trubs set in for me....(recently I have become DAIRY free..and it's so hard...and so frustrating...and come to find out the wine I was drinking had caseins in it...who would of thought that WINE would have a dairy by product in needless to say I went to bed early and wasn't feeling great....and that carried through the next day....BUMMER! However I put on my happy face and carried on...
The next morning we caught the sunrise with little Whitty...this kid loves to explore
Breakfast in the making
Down the hill to the shore...throwing rocks...
Little Timmy taking a break in Whitty's chair...isn't he a cutie?
Playtime at the campsite...building tunnels and fences with the firewood
Made a little boat....and then singing row row row cute.
Back in the canoe for little joy ride over to a beach..while Jordy did some fishing...can you see that Whityn is asleep in between his legs
And he's off!
Whitty and I enjoyed a little play time...snack and sun on the little island...
Beach bum.
More snacks....and some muscles
Mommy, Can I see that cool stick?
Back at the camp beach...the kids rode the inflatable boat together...
Sometimes we tried to drag Whityn away from the crazies...and have him do some tent time....reading...relaxing...but it was hot in there....and all he wanted to do was get the heck back outside.
And sometimes we just had to escape the bugs....which WERE BAD!!!!
And thankfully Whityn would eventually all asleep.....and wake again around 3 am...with a night terror not knowing where he was or what was sad....
But he had no problem awaking by begin his exploring down to the shore...
And we would catch the sunset....
ahhh, sunrise with a new friend Lucas.

A deer caught....they were everywhere...AND I mean everywhere...and they weren't afraid to get right up in there
Up and down the kids went on this the shore..back up...and to the shore again.
After a wonderful weekend...of good kids...beautiful weather...and surrounded my unbelievable beauty...Rene sets off in her kayak back to colter bay...thru the islands this time
And the Griffins set sail too....ahhh a wonderful weekend in the mountains...
You better believe we headed right to Signal Mountain for a marg and some lunch....yum!