Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey and stuff.....ING!

This year the Griffins took their Turkey vacay to Montana. We have an annual visit to Chico Hot Springs every November, but last year booked it for Thanksgiving...which apparently is very hard to do. It books up fast. They have the best food. Check it out here! It was our first time in the lower lodge tho and we do have to say that we like the main lodge better. Oh well, there is always next time.
Our trip began on Wednesday. We drove through West Yellowstone...we stopped for a subway and guess who got their own sammie and drink....yep! You guessed it.
Then we arrived. It was time for running...playing and swimming. Whityn had a good time exploring the grounds.
The lower lodge is right across from the horses so that was fun to see every morning. Whityn enjoyed it too. He wasn't too sure about petting them, liked to check in with them to see what they were doing every day.
We made sure to hit the pool a few times every day. Whityn loved it. It was his first time wearing swimmies even tho I didn't get a picture of it. He also loved the shallow end where he could run and play in the water. Like his momma this kid loves hot water!
Daddy and Whitty swimming around.
Blowing bubbles and ear dips. We did some practicing from this past summer!
He was a happy boy. I wish we could swim all winter. He's a fish!
But when things didn't go his way...this was his time out spot!
KIDDING! Rupert went with us to Chico and you are required to have a kennel in your room. Isn't it cool that dogs can come? I love that is is dog and kid friendly!
On Thanksgiving: I booked our reservation for 12:30. We went as a family of 3 and all left with food babies! We all ate way too much. I was miserable until 8pm and Whitty never napped. It was an insane afternoon!
I even got my child a plate of desserts to sample. Boy did he love that? He ate the cream out of everything!
And he even picked up the check! Thanks Whit!
Then we RAN off lunch!
And went for a hike in the mountains. We only saw deer.

And snow!
Stopped at our cabin from years past...oh...and where Whityn was conceived! :) hehehe!
Hiked up some more. And then I think there was a major we went for a Livingston! We got a red box that we didn't watch...we all fell asleep at 8:30 and woke up hungry! How does that happen?
Friday morning we arrived in Bozeman at Uncle Scotty's house...we put on his hat and gloves! Cha-Cha, Kate and Scott were doing Turkey day in Bozeman so it worked out for us to all get together and eat!
Before dinner we went to Scott's shop! It's called DARK HORSE CUSTOMS! Check them out on facebook. Scott is just like my uncle Tim and can pretty much do anything to a car or motorcycle or with's pretty amazing and cool! Whityn loved every second of the shop!
Kate, Whit and Jordy checking out Cha-Cha's new car in the making!
Cha-Cha and Whit explore METAL!
Metal cutting machines and more...oh my! Then we left and went to Manhattan, Montana! WHERE? We ate at Sir Scott's Oasis...a little steakhouse hole in the wall...very very yummy! And might I say that my child did so well at dinner...that we even rewarded him with Ice cream! If you are ever in Montana...check it out!
We arrived home on Saturday...we hit the grocery store for some MUST - HAVES!
And the most important part of our trip....THE TREE! We don't go to the forest...we buy one that's already been cut down!
WE loaded it up! By we...I mean Jordy!
And let the decorating begin!
Whityn found all his santa books...he was so excited. WE have been reading them every night.
Oh...and guess who flew in! TWIG: our elf. He made an appearance with a '63 red studebaker truck. Boy was Whitty happy to see him!
REmember these...I started them last year...sorta like an advent calendar...but for the more spiritual...less religious types! Inside our 25 bags are things to do as a far we have opened bags 1-5
1. Kiss and compliment
2. Sign up for subs for santa
3. Hot cocoa with marshies
4. Snuggle and movie with family
5. FAmily picnic inside
Whitty was so excited to decorate the tree. I was surprised by his enthusiasm. He did well hanging ornaments.
However he sometimes would get carried he would get escorted out!
But he mostly did great. I had a blast breaking out the Christmas boxes with him. Last year I had purposely put back a bag of soft ornaments that were mine to hang as a that he could hang them this year and he loved that...but he was so good we even let him hang some balls and breakables! Why not right?
Ta-DA!!!!! The picture doesn't do it justice!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Nonna and Poppa...

Dearest Nonna and Poppa....
Just a little note to let you know how excited we are that you are coming for CHRISTMAS break...we worked hard to decorate...clean...fix and fancy up the guest apartment where you are going to be staying...the pictures don't show all the surprises..but at least you can start getting excited!
Fire is going...bed is made...DVD player is working!
Curtains are hung on both sides...fridge is considering be full...couch is fluffed...
dresser is empty ready to be stuffed full of clothing...
Table is set...ready to sit and sip coffee!

oh...snow is falling! Now hurry up...we want to see you!!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the latest and greatest.

someone in our house started piano lessons and it's not me....
and someone else is obsessed with drawing airplanes and other moving things...and it's not me!
Jordy froze the turkey bones...meat...and other fixings that we had a few weeks ago and made turkey soup with wild-rice...what a nice Sunday treat! yummy.
Whitty...27 months now enjoys his bath time...doesn't love to wash his fro...but will do it for mommy...
It dumped Friday and we got to enjoy snow and sunshine...some of our favorites.
Whitties and mommy took a hike (as Whitty would say) down the road with the dogs...he thought he was big time. We got to see Maggie and Pipin too (the doggies next door)...and the SUN even came out!
Jordy did lots of clean up: got all the SUMMER furniture put away...and other "GETTING ready for winter jobs"
meanwhile yours truly and I played in the snow...

oh...then we went up to the guest apartment to do some work (next post)...and pack up some boxes for 4 soldiers in Afghanistan. My bestie Raven...her husband Jad is over there and my school did a drive to fill up 4 boxes for he and his friends...we got so much stuff...that I can do 8 boxes...very exciting and very fun to pack up...Whitty kept asking what he could have...and I had to keep repeating that is was for the soldiers...
now he goes around saying "it's for the soldiers mommy"
oh yeah...the potty fairy sent us a "mcqueen potty chair" and someone has been very interested in checking it out...