Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So I was being held hostage by this guy! If you see him...throw him a cheese stick and some fruit snacks and RUN!
All kidding aside...our lives have been a bit crazy since February...but we were rolling with it...and then things really took a turn in May/June! 

In a nutshell...the job that Jordy took last year as Camp director wasn't a good fit. What I mean by that is Jordy was traveling a lot and working a lot and he was feeling like he couldn't do the job and be the dad and husband that he wanted to be. So...he spoke to me about it in February and the plan was for him to resign...knowing that if he gave them six weeks....he might be done that week. We took a look at the budget...knew we would be fine and we did it. He was unemployed as of that Friday and he resigned on the Monday. WOW! Our lives were about to really change AGAIN! 

Over the next few weeks we talked a lot about what we were going to do. He got on the sub list...meanwhile...I had already resigned from my teaching job (not this year), but for next year. I was planning to take a year off and start looking for grad programs and be with the Boys. I had to ask for my job back...which was fine. No worries there. We were planning on Jordy applying back in Jackson at the middle school cause he loved it there. Then came the 5 year plan talk. We knew schools were going to always be a problem. We would both be teaching in Wyoming...and the boys would always go to Idaho schools unless that is...we sold our house....and lived in Jackson or Alta...so we went on mission. We put our house on the market and scoured the possibilities of affording to live in Jackson. After looking (really looking) and even considering affordable housing we just didn't want that quality of life. We would of been married to our mortgage and were looking for a bit more diversity for our children. So...we began to look back at Alta, Wyoming. Which is on the Idaho side, but a small sliver in Wyoming still...and the boys could go to school with me...I could keep my GREAT teaching job and Jordy could do the hour plus commute over Teton pass (that is...if he got a teaching job back at the middle school)...so we began looking and considering this...and after thinking and sleeping on it and really thinking about what we wanted for our family...we started talking about the possibility of moving away. Jordy was very resistant at first to the idea at all. I was scared of the idea...but also wanted to see what he would say. I mean...we loved where we lived. We love the people...the mountains...our jobs (or my job)...the lifestyle and our cute little mountain town. However, we wanted better neighborhood schools. We wanted accessibility to escape a little easier. WE wanted to be closer to my parents. We wanted to be closer to colleges. We wanted to be closer to sporting events. We wanted change...eventually I got Jordy to have a paradigm shift. He could see the possibility of moving away...so he asked where? I said...North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, and Vermont. He pretty much shot down those southern states..and considered NY...but there were NO teaching jobs there...and then he said Vermont could be great. He had ties there because he did his undergrad at UVM. He loved it when he was there. So...that was that...we began a wicked job search....and sparing the details..we both landed jobs. Jordy in Morrisville at the public middle school and me at a Co-op teaching/director in Stowe. 
Then the house sold. We closed quickly...and moved to a condo in Driggs, Idaho while I finished my school year in Alta. Then we broke the news...to our friends and my principal that we were leaving. It felt so right. Weird right? I just couldn't believe how cool, calm and collected I was. We were.

We said our good byes to 1092 Lodgepole Drive. 

We said our good byes to those beautiful Tetons.

We had a last date night and said good bye to many dear friends in the valley.

And we set our on a new adventure. We drove across the country with 2 children and a dog. We left our sweet cat in Idaho with our neighbors. We have landed in Morrisville, VT. We have been here almost 6 weeks now. We are happy. We are pretty settled or as settled as we can be in our small two-bedroom townhouse. The kids are great. Resilient. Whitty talks about Victor, Idaho at night sometimes. He talks about having a house again. He misses CArlito. He wishes for a playdate with some of his buddies. BUT...he had had daily adventures here in Vermont. I have more news. I have more pictures. I will now have more time. I will explain that tomorrow. 
Good night!