Sunday, January 30, 2011

So sad when friends leave.

Last weekend a small group of us met up at Koshu to say goodbye to our near and dear....
we laughed so hard...some cried.
and laughed and smiled again.
4 mommas and 5 babies at home with a sitter...we sure had a nice time sippin' Ruby martini's...
I got to sit next to this cute thang!

Matt, Allison and Oliver are off to Vermont this week for a start at a new life...Matt got a new job...and Allison is from they will have family right there...we will miss them greatly....Good luck you guys...see you this summer!!!

Baby Squisher or EXTREME baby lover....hmmm, you be the judge!

Hey you guys! My momma took me to the local bakery/coffee shop and ordered me my first HOT chocolate...she is always gettin' herself a's about dang time she ordered me something to sip on too. It was mm, mm, good!
And I guess she was feelin' fruity cause at the grocery store she picked me up some of them Juice boxes too. Of course they were organic...but she got me some...and sometimes she asks me if I want one....and you better believe I say yes.
I have been sporting my cons lately...I love them. They are good to me. The ladies like them too.
Blondie sippin a juice box + converse = too cool for school
And I love to just be naked too....I take showers all the time...I have been taking them forever, but now that I can stand in there it's just too much fun. I get so clean and smell so good and momma even bought me a little toy storage thingy that sticks to the side of the shower and I keep my ABC's and 123's in there. It's awesome!!!
My momma drops me at daycare and picks me up everyday...and lately when she gets me Gloria and Allison have to tell her about my behavior..and lately...well, they say I 've been trying to squish babies...and I try to express my love...but sometimes I don't know how to verbalize I just sit on them or put my mouth on their face...or lay on them to give them a big WHITTY love momma has been talking to be about it....guess I better learn how to be soon. I don't wanna get kicked out of that place. well, if you see her...tell her I do love babies....:)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whitty boy

this little guy changes every day. he slides all on his own..needs no help...needs no-one to catch him...asks you to move.
he is such a little snuggler...he loves his rupert.
a little too much.
maybe this why he is known as the "baby squisher" at daycare....:(....cause he learns it at home.
he will finally WALK in the snow...sometimes...but this is huge.
he is showing more and more independence...but just when I think he wants me no more...he's super clingy for a day...and I secretly kinda like it...
this week...was one of recovery for me..I did nothing except play with whitties...and check the chickens...while checking on my girls...i notice one of there little booties was ALL plucked out...and at first glance thought molting...but then at a closer look saw blood and then witnessed an ATTACK by the other girls...they are pecking her to DEATH...I am not sure what to do..I am sure it's happening because of the small space..and they don't venture out much in the winter...but it's so funny that even in the animal world...girls can be so mean.
any ideas? let me know.
until then...we will hold the fort down.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mountain Mama test

Last weekend...the ladies and I took off for a weekend in the mountains...REMEMBER my NEW Year's resolution: To adventure more. Well, here's to my first adVENTURE in 2011. take note that I also spent about 2 weeks trying to BACK out of this trip...BUT I am very glad I went...and here's why!
cause I got to make a check list...and i love lists.
then i got to lay it all out and triple check that I had everything.
then I got to CARPOOL to the trailhead with other great teacher ladies (pictured here are Sara C. and Sharon from the Idaho side)
then i got to WORK my bootie off getting UP MOOSE CREEK...and into PLUMMER yurt.
and when I say work my bootie off here's why:
this past weekend was my first time on a SPLITboard and my first time using climbing skins...and my first time to a YURT in the MIDDLE of winter...and a it's been a LONG time since I carried a BACKPACK that weighs a LOT...excuses...excuses...I know. Anyhow, we started around 2pm from the trailhead...and started into the mountains...and at dark we were still en route..and i was reTHINKING my (12 pack of fatcats) that I was packing this time the ladies each took 2 or 3 out of my pack to lighten it...:)
OH, I forgot to mention..that on the way in...I had my PIN slip out of my binding about 4 times...that is until I tied it with a rope shut...but each little time that it slipped took 10 PLUS minutes to get it back in..due to snow....backpack...hill....frozen fingers...etc. I am so glad Sara C. was moving at my same snail's pace to help me out...she and the other ladies got RATHER familiar with my equipment.
6:28pm. ahhh, we arrived at plummer yurt...or the last 3 did...the first 2 MOUNTAIN goats were already there and they left after us....!!! HEre's to my 12 pack. It was worth it.
checking out the facilities...with Ms. Stitt....this here is the pooper.
Friday night was spent playing a few games...such as BANANA-grams...sipping box wine...and fat cats...eating THAI burritos...thanks jade. and eating homemade chocolate chip/peanut butter cookies...thanks to me. then we all crashed.
we all slept in eXCEPT for jade...she was reading my book when I woke....breakfast burritos then it was into the mountains for a's anne scraping her ski with a spatula...due to some weird film on them
and a better view of our HOME away from HOME...Plummer Yurt.
Sara C...*aka Mighty Mouse...this girl/teacher/mother extroidinaire/mountain mama was the leader of our WEEKEND..she planned it and rallied us all.
and here's me on my little way into the hills again...I was quite nervous...white out conditions...not sure of where we were...and what we were going to ski....and nervous about the many transitions I am about to take...
this was a little stop when we could see for about 25 seconds....then it all went white again...but this was where I first got to change my board from skis to a snowboard....and back...and back again....and again...and again....we did a few laps in this one little treed area...and on our hike bike...I transitioned into skis with no I was KINDA skiing....and the girls were kinda laughing..I was exhausted.
at one point i was crawling...cause it was so flat...and if i walked i would sink up to my hips...and at one point i rode on the back of anne stitt's skis...while jade carried my board and sara carried my poles...and then i was snowboarding...leaning WAY back...and riding the powdery WHITE.
as we headed down for the day...we ran into the 3 ladies that were to be expected on then it was time to ALL take some turns...I did one more lap and I was caked...and it was back to the YURTIE...for pasta...and cocktails..and map-reading..and GIRLtalk...
Sunday morning..there was talk of another summit TRY...we knew where to go..but again WHITEout conditions with considerable avalanche danger....not my cup of tea...I decided not to go out...but somehow when they were all was i...hiking UPHILL again (no one twisted my arm)...i guess i wanted to torture there we were after a the blowing white...deciding what to do..i was part of the 4 that wanted to turn we did...followed our tracks back home...stopped at the yurt...filled out tummies with power bars and water...then downhill we went...which by way was equally as hard as going up...however it was my first time leading all weekend...and i flew down that the air at times...crashing hard at times...RESTING....screaming and flying again...and then when it got flat...i skinned up again for my last time...and at the bridge...Anne was waiting with a little surprise FATCAT for her and I....gotta love that GOOD time girl...thanks anne.
You know those times when you stretch your comfort zone..and you are scared...challenged...tired...but you do drag yourself through it doubting yourself all the way through it...but you make it...well, that's how the weekend went...I tested my character...I grew a bit as a person...and most of all I realized that I am not a MOUNTAIN mama...but I aspire to be...sometimes...I am still just a southern belle living at 6,000 plus feet....:)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Practice makes perfect...and my little piece of PERFECT.

a little bath time...with a view of Jordy's WRECKED hockeeeeee elbows...
momma just got me some real silverware...I LOVE it.
and I love her too.
I also love to make messes...and sing the clean up song and clean it up...but I like you to help.
And I love my pata-gucci long undies my poppa skip and nonna sharon sent me for christmas...they are so snuggy and the heck are these things?
Meet the SPLIT board...on borrow from a Stitt brother....well, until I can afford one...I took it up Pole Canyon on Saturday on a practice solo mission...because I have a women's YURT trip this weekend..and have never...I REPEAT NEVER...skinned up here goes nothing...
it was quite fun...beautiful...BREATHTAKING...cause I was panting so much....but am looking forward being with 8 women some of whom I know well and others not at all....for a weekend of powder, yurt sleeping, down booties...EARNED desserts....pit toilets...and more...
back to watch my little "PERFECT" run around our house...because it's like 3 degrees outside...
diggin in the hat box...
and taking a favorite thing to do.
WHat a VERY random post...I realize that. goodnight.

17 months and more.

What happened to my "LITTLE" baby? He is getting so big and bossy. Whityn McKay Griffin turned 17 months old yesterday. I can't believe it. Every day something new happens or changes.

Whityn loves to go and get one of his 3 HOCKEY sticks and say, "hockeeeeeee"'s so dang cute.
He is saying so much and signing less. However, still signing please, thank you,cookie, more, milk, sorry, and hurt. He is trying to say anything you ask him too if he's in the mood....which I find he is in the mood to talk to me on our way home from school everyday...he just blabs and jibber jabs...and I ask him questions...and he tries to answer or repeats what I say. He loves to say anything that you ask...which is quite entertaining.
He loves his slide now...and can get up the ROCK wall and down the slide all by himself. He loves Carl the "kitty"...and chases him everywhere. Carl doesn't share the same love for Whit. Whityn loves to sit on the couch and point to the TV and start jabbering...he loves football too. And still loves to dance. He goes up real close to the TV when the music channels are on and shakes his booty, gets low, and moves his cute.
I made some cookies from scratch the other night for my Kindergartners...but Jordy and whitty had their share too. They were so good.
Where's my puck woman?
Whityn loves to look at the camera now and say cheeeeeeeee! It's so sweet. This is the BEST picture I have ever taken of him I think. I love it. It's so him. Jordy has been asking me when we are going to cut his hair...I don't want too. Everyone says they look older when you cut their, it's just so cute long and blonde. My mom and Dad are also BIG fans of NOT cutting it...which surprises me....but makes me happy that they are on my team.
Every night before bed...we always read 3 books....I pick two...and WHitty picks out about 10...and we narrow it down to one...if he had it his way...>I would sit there reading all night. I love reading to him though. He goes to grab books and just sits and "pretend" reads for long periods of time. I love when kids "LOVE" books...
Picking out a book.
then brushing my a good boy....this happens every so often....but most of the time..I have to hold this 25 pound turkey down to the ground as I jam the toothbrush in and out of his mouth...he loves it...I tell yah!!!!