Thursday, December 20, 2012

Get cha hands up.

Tie dye and discovery of my hands. Heaven....just heaven.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

life in pictures - time is flying!

These two are in love. Which is a good thing?!
 Whitty anticipates Madden waking each day. It's cute and annoying all the same.
He wants to SMOTHER him with love...literally!
My daddy dressed me can you tell?
 This picture sums up our relationship
 Playtime is stressful!
 or not!
 this little 3 year old has been giving me a run for my money lately...speaking of I get paid for this job?
 What mom?
 the constant touching...
 car wreckage!!! this is what happens during nursing...or while I am trying to multi-task!
 Whitty has been perfecting his building's cute. He has become quite the perfectionist though! Oh boy!
 And he constantly wants to wrestle!! The minute Jordy walks in the house...Whitty is making the hand motion for contact! His preschool teacher has been having issues with ROUGH play at we have been trying to cut it out...but I believe it is good for boys to get this's just been hard for Whitty to differentiate when rough is okay...taking suggestions!!!
 Just driving up the canyon...

 Big brother celebration at the Emporium (MILKSHAKE  PARTY)
and a little light sabor action afterwards
 Being silly is the name of my game!!!!
 More smothers!
 Whitty and I went up the TARGHEE with Madden in tow a few weeks ago...we got my pass...threw some snowballs...and stomped around in the snow...Whitty was excited to ski...I am debating on whether to sign him up for the preschooler program!

 Look at the "pork chop hairdo"
 Mommy and Madden
 It's a date...we went out on the BIG town of Victor for some food at the new ressie called Station...and then for some DARTS at the brewpub...wish my eyes were open.
 Thanksgiving turkey a family..and look even Wynnie joined us!

 excited about turkey!
 Meeting baby bestie "Anne" had her sweet baby girl...she is 2 days old here!
 The meeting...neither would look in the other's direction!!!
 Whatcha talking about Willis?
 the best...those first few weeks when the baby just "FROGGY" sleeps on it!
 I have been begging for more hooks in the that we could hang more stuff...and so Whitty could reach some hooks too. Jordy did this for me! I love it.
Brother to brother talks
 Sometimes you just have to put your child in a's been done in my classroom and it GETS done at works...try it!
 meanwhile...the angel sleeps!
 and that dang elf keeps messing around here!
 It's all smiles from here on out...right Madden?!
 Well...after 16 years on earth...we decided that Wynnie should be laid to rest. She was old...had lots of tummy trubs...super stiff and had elevated blood was so hard to do. I was in a bit of denial about it for a while until Jordy had to do some work on me. Wynnie now lays to rest in our front berm under the 3 aspen trees. Before she left us...we had a little dog party. We ordered an ice-cream cake that we all enjoyed...even the dogs...and we let Wynnie have as much as she wanted. She went peacefully and happy right beside Jordy and I.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sleep is a beautiful thing.

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