Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby G....#2

There is one way to get yourself an unplanned ultrasound at 28 weeks....
Just huck yourself down some stairs...that's what I did...
It landed me a night in the OB unit at the hospital hooked up to all the monitors...and a visit from T. Lerch. Thankfully everything checked out great. I am on REST until next Thursday or when I see T. Lerch again...but blood work and ultrasound looked great. They said that the baby had lots of highs and lows in the heartbeat meaning it was super active. That made me happy and scared of what's to come. I did have the chance to find out what the baby was sooooo tempting, but I held out. My friend Rachel was with me at the hospital until Jordy could make it there. I was looking for her to say..."Let's find out"....but she didn't. Bummer huh?! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Out takes from week 26

I love this series of pics because it's definitely been a mommy and whitty show lately and let's just say whitty has been challenging... Trying... And amazing all at the same time... These pictures show just how loving and gentle this little crazy man can be.

25 weeks with photo credit to Aunt Tina

Alabama heat + pregnant = slightly miserable

I hadn't been to Alabama since Whityn was 8 weeks old so let's just say it was a little shock to the system.

I am honestly so proud of myself for flying while pregnant. It was a confidence booster for sure. Whityn was a great flyer and I loved seeing so many family members and friends. Thank you all for making the effort and visiting with us.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I can't believe I actually made it... Believe me I contemplated getting off in Denver and again on the way back Houston.

But with my little partner in crime I made it.
Talk about overload for whitty with all the family and friend meeting but he did pretty well.
I managed to eat my weight in roadside produce and sweat myself to death while doing it. Whityn McKay was spoiled rotten with toys and clothes and attention. He was rather fond if his poppa... Nonna and his Uncle Kane.

We miss you already Alabama folk... But I think it's safe to say we will not be back in the summer.