Monday, June 25, 2012

Missing daddy and a lake trip

Daddy's 24 hours off...he got lots of snuggles! Mommy misses her summer partner in crime!!!

Saturday mommy and Whityn went to the Palisades to meet up with the Stitts  and some other friends to go on a boat (with no bait)...and have some lunch!

This is me in all my 23 week professional picture this week...but 24 weeks is coming soon!!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

CHANGE...and 2 wheels!

So Sunday...2 days after school was out Whitty and I moved the family up (us + dogs and cat) to the RANCH just outside of Dubois...Daddy moved on he was there when we arrived...
Lots of staff to meet....quite overwhelming...but beautiful!
Boys ages 11-17 arrived on Wednesday...interesting day!
Very busy...and intense...
Whitty and I were ready for Victor on we drove home! :) We had planned to stay up at the ranch til Monday...but needed some friend time...and the comfort of our house..
Daddy drove home LATE Thursday night and spent 24 hours with us!!!!
We hit up Pendls for breakfast pretty late....the griffins slept in...all of us!
This way people!
Then we went to Fitzgeralds and Daddy bought Whityn a new orange strider!

Then we went for our first bike ride as a family! It was awesome!

This little guy led the was hilarious...awesome...amazing...and impressive!

I can't believe our baby is riding a bike!

21 and 22 weeks...forgot!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

FREE spirits...and the ranch.

Tonight Whityn and Balou got naked and ran around the front yard. They also took turns sipping Emma's ginger tea until it was all gone.  
Emma and I both wished we could run around too. We decided not to subject the neighbors to that.

After a few minutes these two had to be pried apart...they LOVE each other. 

This past weekend we drove up through the park to the ranch...we did a lunch stop at Dornans...

So worth the trip every TIME.

Somebody LOVED the river. 

And his big boy cup of grapefruit juice.

Here is the camp from the main office off to the right...

And off to the left...the SWIMMING hole.

Dining hall...we will be eating a LOT of meals here a day...try 3!

This is looking down from the trail up to the GRIFFIN can see the main office and the infirmary.

Dining hall and kitchen from my trail.
Griffin cabin...walking up the trail

where we will side entrance

other side view

Where we will enter mostly.

Whityn loved his half day at the ranch. He was running around...throwing rocks...hiking...exploring...we went on a RANGER ride (like a 4x4 golf cart) to tour the ranch...and we made a list of what we will be needing for our little cabin. The management team was so awesome though...they bought us new furniture and even built Whityn a bed frame and use kitchen cabinets. It's quite cozy for a summer cabin...and we look forward to our 9 weeks there. Whityn is beside himself excited. 

zoo and Teton Valley Ranch BBQ

A couple of weeks ago we went to Kelly Wyoming for a Teton Valley Ranch camp BBQ.  Whitty did some serious outdoor time. 

It was fun to be in the same place where Jordy and I used to live when we were dating.
The view was amazing.
Here is Liz's house (one of Jordy's co-workers)...she and her family come up on the weekends and in the summer to romp and stomp. All I have to say is LUCKY. She has 3 boys. Whityn could not eat his dinner due to all the boy toys and flare around this place.
Over the weekend...we put in some park time...the boys raced there!

A few weeks ago I took little man to the zoo. 
We brought Millie and Karen with us.

We had a fun time feeding the BARN animals.

ANd riding the chicken.

They were too cute together.

Seeing the otters was my favorite.
AFter the zoo Karen and I tried to hit up a few stores for some preggo shirts...and other items...look who fell asleep in the cart sitting up...HILARIOUS.

Whitty has been doing some visits to Kindergarten lately because he has been hitching a ride to preschool with some Alta moms. He loves my classroom and loves seeing the kids.