Monday, September 28, 2009

love is all ya need

I met my "mom-mom"

I met my daddy's mom this past week...she is snuggly and sings good ole southern songs to me....the same ones my mom sings except mom-mom has a pretty voice.....hehe...don't tell her that. 

Let me tell you how I like it.

Okay, so you're, he looks so snuggly and happy in there...but I am NOT! See, my mom really wants to she loads me in here...and I let her get to the end of the driveway and I start my fits....see, I just really want to ride on her..I love the sling, ergo and especially the baby bjourn...but N.O. JOGGING stroller please~

Holy arm!

We went out for hotdogs and beers on Friday night...but alls I got was a lousy bottle then this cute little blonde got to burp me. PS-check out how long my arm is!

icecream n

my favorite
all gone...and wanting more
it makes me sooooo happy!!!!
it makes whityn tired.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My new fro

Baby Whit loves mommy's new do :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

to cut or not to cut

Look, it's shoulder length!
Maybe when I was 16...sure!
Could this be my 29 year old do???
so i am getting my hair CUT tomorrow...or at least I am planning on it. I am thinking just past my shoulders....any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BIG feet!

He comes by it honestly!!! Look at my clod-hoppers!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Just a few faves!

Boys like PINK too!

Here is Whityn trying out his new cloth diapers! While in Lander this past weekend...Rene gave us some hand-me-downs...Who says Boys can't wear PINK!!! 

Success with the Schells

Charlotte Schell 2.5 (in the park with a mouth full of grapes)
Timothy Schell 1 (Eating grapes in the park)

Just a little post about our first "CAMPING" excursion with Whityn. We drove over to Lander to visit with the Schells and to show off Whit! Let's begin with the drive...From Victor to Jackson which is about 45 minutes....well, Whityn screamed the whole way. It was horrible for the both of us. Once we got Jordy things picked up and we made is happily to Lander. The Schells live in a very cool little house right in town, but there isn't enough room for us so we camp in their airstream in their GARDEN...yep..right there next to the name it! It's a true REDNeCK getaway and we love it! That night in the airstream..Whityn tested  his lungs for what seemed like an eternity. It was NOT fun. The next day...JOrdy hunted..and Rene, the kids and I walked to the city park...played...chatted and had some lunch. It was beautiful out and GUESS who was asleep.....ALL day...yep..WHityn. I decided to go buy a SLEEP book...(The 90 min. Sleep program by Polly Moore PH.D.) and boy am I excited that I did...because not only did WHityn sleep all day...he slept all night too!!!! I did it. And he SUCCESSFULLY NAPped all day and is in bed again now. I love my new book...that is...until it doesn't work! Way to go Whityn!

Oh no they didn't!!!

Yes...we did SUCCESSFULLY drive to Idaho Falls for a shopping spree!
Yes....we did go into Sportsman's Warehouse and buy Jordy a new gun for BIRDY hunting. Yes...we did strap our babies to us with a plan...and YES we did humor ourselves with a photo of this excursion!
Yes...he did make me do a background check! I passed!

Monday, September 14, 2009

it's what we do

We do floor's where mom tells me stories or sings..or talks to me in a really funny voice. Dad says she can't sing..but I think she rocks the house...and hey, it's better than I can do!
She loves me and I love her!
I love to lay on her chest and let her snuggle me!
We go for a family walk almost everyday. I try to stay awake, but I always fall asleep!
Dad always asks mom if he can sleep a little bit with me...she always lets me and I love it...the only bummer is he has these prickles on his face. 

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mr. Fussypants

You know that expression: There is more than one way to skin a cat....well apply that to babies too! There is more than one way to soothe a baby...
This is where it goes mom always takes my clothes off here and sometimes I send her a little surprise in the air...hehehe
This is me after a party next door. I started screaming so my parents brought me home. I was just ready to get my pjs on!
This is at Teton Springs. My parents like to go here because it is so close to the house. They put me in the sling and I show them who's boss! ME!

I met my cousin Hayden!!!

Hayden flew in from Denver to come and meet me. He thought I was a little dull because I slept a lot...but my mommy and daddy kept him busy. He rode in the back with me to keep me company. He had a NORMAL carset...I have to face the wrong way in mine....UGH!
We did a lot of relaxing...cause that is what new parents do with a baby!
Hayden loved to hug me. He said he couldn't wait til I was bigger so we could play.
My daddy took Hayden on a tractor ride to feed the chickens....they did all sorts of cool stuff together. 
Here is Hayden trying to calm me down. I tend to be a BIT fussy only because I wanted to go on the tractor too!

My friend Oliver!

This is my friend Oliver. He is A LOT bigger than me now...but just wait buddy..I'll catch up. His mommy and my mommy are friends so that means we'll be friends....I hope anyhow cause we have a few things in common.
This is where things got rough and Oliver put his paw on me! 
I look like a goofball here cause my mom stuck her thumb in my mouth...notice how photogenic my new pal Oliver is. WOW!

Sleepy times...

I love to sleep on my new's soooo soft!
I love to sleep on the couch all swaddled up of course!
But the most comfy of all is on daddy's blankets...just us!!!! It's the best!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Just a little shout out to all those who have been there for me lately. Becoming a mom is an ADVENTURE for sure and having all these lovely veteran moms helping me, guiding me, answering questions for me, stocking my freezer, bringing over little gifts, passing on old baby stuff, thinking of me and just being GREAT friends. This is for ALL of know who you are...I can't say THANK you enough...BUT THANK you from the bottom of my heart for making me smile, feel loved and well fed!!!! I have the greatest friends!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just a few more!

Phew! What a's rough being 4 weeks old!
Sweet Sweet DREAMS!!!

Happy 1 month!!! Smiles and Dancing!!!

Do a little Dance!
Make a little love!!!
Get down tonight!!!

Sleeping in a basket!