Sunday, March 20, 2011

31 years

Happy Birfffday to me!!! My honey took me to the Snake River Grill in Jackson. It was delicious.
i try to be on my best behavior...
wow. this was after the discount. ATTENTION Teton County get a discount!
We were all sharing our secret whityn would call her...she can wrap her arm around her's hot rachel....really hot!
the boys did some thumb wrestling...
rachel and jon smile for a picture.
the girls:
among us were several secret talents like:
1. better dance moves than brittney spears
2.roller skating queen
3.arm wrapping around head (pictured above)
4.great arm wrestler
5.budget'er secret keeper
7.sings first grade lessons daily
i could go on...
What's your secret talent?

not 11....31.
Yeah for me. What a fun night....and a wonderful 3 days....
This is how it played out...
Thursday: Cornbeef, cabbage, friends over for my fav. day of the year
Friday: Snake river triple date in Jackson
Saturday: Melvin and Jerry Garcia Band in Victor....
= great weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

one of my favorite days.

Happy Patty's day to all! For some reason...I lost all of our St. Paddy pictures :(...maybe they will reappear. If least I have THIS ONE!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

19 months and visitors.

yeah, i can pretty much read now that I am 19 months. here is a little book about dads that my nonna and poppa sent me for VALENTINE'S day...I can read it.

Friday night brought visitors for snacks and cocktails over to my daddy is out of town until I invited over an older girl named Millie....and boy is she cute. She even wore a dress for me.

AND her mommy kept telling us to kiss...and my mommy said it was okay.
so she landed one on me....and boy was i surprised.
I liked the smooch...but didn't like the space invasion of my eating mat. guess it's just part of being 1 and half.

SATURDAY morning....way-way came over (mommy's friend Rachel)...and they drank way to much coffee...and ate way to many home-made biscuits....and my mommy didn't even take a picture of me kissing her....I kissed her a bunch...and hugged her too. I hope to see her again soon. When she left...I kept repeating, "way-way home....way-way home"....
Then my mommy took me to a farm...

I stomped around in the barn...pushing different things...and playing with straw
and I stomped in MUD...til mommy made me get out.
and I watched Sheep get a hair cut...but everyone took a break for no sheep in this picture.
then mommy's old student named ELIZA took me on a sledding ride around her farm...she was the best little tour guide...and boy was she cute too.
she led me back to the mud...a woman after my own heart. i love 19 months.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

lately and in no particular order.

i promise for this post to be all over the place...and completely out of order. okay? So here we go. below you will find our ALMOST 19 month old exploring my old snowboard....
last week we had some sunshine that I caught on camera....ahhh!
this weekend...someone is obsessed with kissing. none of us might if you don't like tongue in your kissing...cause watch out, he might just slip it in.
last week we ate spaghetti...and whitty wore it on his face...why is a spaghetti face so dang cute?
yeah, more sunshine...last weekend...we went for a walk (all of us..even the neglected dogs)...and Jordy carried his ICE-swords for a short while....well, because he's a dork, but we love him.
and on a walk...someone fell asleep on his sled.
this was after spaghetti...last weekend...whitty loves to drink the bath water now...
and he loves him some BALL BALL....I mean loves it...he often ask to take it in the car in the morning and if you can picture him strapped into his carseat with a HUGE BALL BALL on his lap..he can't even see past it. VEry cute though.
oh this is exciting...this FRIDAY jordy and I had off due to PARENT/TEACHER conferences so we dropped Whitty off at daycare and had a little snowboard was a blast....sunny with 8 inches of fresh snow. PERFECT and just what we needed.
see. perfect!
today...i put this THING 1 wig on Whitty and he left it on for atleast an hour or so while he read and did other random things around the house...when he finally took it off...he threw it to the side and screamed "hot"
oh, back to last weekend in the sun.
and more spags on the face.
ski date!
DUMPING....a favorite activity around here...WHit loves to dump out the contents of whatever box, pail, bucket, bag he can find....and whilst in action...will say "dump it-dump it"
if one or both of us is in the computer room...whit will often say "up" and point to the chair...once he's there he says, "mooie" and we put on a 1 minute cartoon to wet his whistle lately..he loves it. Can't you tell?
more ski date. Jenn and Nick were there to join in on the fun.
post spaghetti bath. All smiles.
There are tons more...I love uploading pictures of this little mongrol. He's been on a mission lately of TIME a day...How many can he get? He loves to pull the cat's tail, throw toys or milk, empty the dog's water bowls, unfold my laundry, and often pretend he doesn't understand....oh, the mention of time out or crib time...he will say "NO" "NO" and do what you need him to for long will it last?

Things I love:
His impromptu hugs, wet and loud kisses, when he says "momnie, hockey, kiss, and yelwo (for I LOVE u....and randomly says poppa...which I find very cute as well....he loves to help whether it's getting eggs from the chickens, putting laundry away, picking up trash, toys, or putting his dishes in the sink..he is always trying...oh so cute. He loves to color...but more importantly he loves to stash his crayons in his pockets of his jeans and in his roll that I put in the bottom of his jeans...awesome. he loves drinking from a cup..even though he will still spill it everywhere..he is obsessed with raisins...and the snack drawer...he had his first sundae the other night and you'd thought he died and went to heaven. I put hot fudge on it and chocolate chips...he kept saying "wow"....i love that kid. he makes it all better.