Sunday, October 28, 2012

October CRAZ.I.NESS!

So it's been busy times around here. Seems like I am up before everyone...actually it seems like I never even go to bed...not sure what happens after 10pm and before 6am.
I do know that it's nice to have a husband who has 3 day weekends!
I do know that it's nice to have a mom you can ask to do pretty much anything.
I do know it's nice to have a 3 year old that attends preschool 2 days a week! THANK GOD!
 However when Whitty is around he is doing pretty well. He loves to feed the baby. He loves to touch the baby...cover up the baby with blankets...put the pacifier in his mouth and just get close and snuggle. I would say that he is enamored with the little one...
 if he doesn't make it outside for some sword fighting...owl hunting...or GENERAL rough housing...we are doomed!

 Nonna has been here since October 2nd and is loving snuggling with the little one...especially for a feeding.

 Sometimes we have visitors and special things happen like MILK and JORDY's famous chocolate chip cookies...which are amazing by the way....and our visitors will probably never visit again because this energetic little 3 year old is CRAZY and got a little physical with this sweet blondie!!!
 THE CHANGE of seasons has been in full force requiring rain gear and even snow gear too!

 Nonna taught Whitty about Swiss hot chocolate parties!
 And Whitty continues to get little pressies in the mail for being a BIG brother!
 Little Madden loves to suck...and I gave in this time on day 7 or 8 and did a pacifier.

Can you believe that kids are even getting cleaned around here? 
 Yea for being clean! Madden didn't really put up a fuss over bath time.
 Like this one normally does!
 Why is it so fun to hold a new baby? They smell like love! They curl up and snuggle. I love it.

 THank god this monster escaped to the FALL FESTIVAL at MD nursery.
 And that left this little monster to love on.

Monday, October 22, 2012

the greatest gift

Someone told me the day after I had Madden that I gave Whitty the greatest gift...a brother!
I love that!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

INCREDIBLE shrinking baby far Maddy Moodles is the incredible shrinking baby. He just keeps losing weight. I have gone to lactation to work on his latch. His little mouth is so tiny that he isn't an efficient "nurser" yet...poor guy and appears to be hungry a after appointments with the midwife...lactation...pediatrician...I am now pumping right after nursing...and feeding a bottle too. I feel like the breast-A-raunt! 
 Little Madden finally hit birthweight last Thursday and now we are just working on pumping more calories in. I hope he can pick up the pace a bit because he is so tiny. 
 However Jordy...Whit and Nonna are all enjoying doing some feedings!
Madden is such a good little baby. He rarely cries (only when you are changing him)...not sure if it's cause he is still supposed to be in the womb or if he is truly this mild mannered...we shall see!

7 days old

I always wanted to do this to a baby of mine...and I never did it with Whitty. It was so fun to watch Kisa work her magic with Baby Madden. And I finally stuffed one of my babies in a pumpkin!!! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Madden Kane Griffin

Well...Sunday September 30th at around 11:30 PM...moment after Jordy had embraced my belly and whispered to the wee one that we were ready (mind you that Jordy probably hasn't touched my belly in 2-3 weeks...) MY.WATER.BROKE....I was so excited! I thought it would be just like the movies...water breaks....ACTIVE labor almost immediately and then! Yea, not so much! My water broke...upstairs just on my way to bed...called T.lerch...she said to see if baby moves and call back...called back an hour and half had moved...and she asked what I wanted to I tried to go to bed...nothing was really happening...maybe a few braxton hicks...but that's it..nothing intense...the ANTICIPATION was the worst. So, we arranged for Whitty to be picked up from school Monday by the Stitts...we got up...finished packing our hospital bags...took Whitty to school...went to checked in T.Lerch's office..2cm and effaced and extremely anxious...still no T. lerch gave us more options...she said we could wait it out til around 3 or 4 pm and then see what happens or I could head to the hospital now and start pitocin!!!!
Wanna guess what I did?
 I figured I had a natural "pitocin" baby with what's one more pitocin baby right?
Madden Kane Griffin leaped head first into the world at 8:07pm
He was 7.7
21.5 inches long...
perfect in every way

And yes...I was sick and had pink eye during the birth...what a beauty huh?

Big brother is elated. And has not asked to bring him back.

You would think this guy gave birth...

Birth story to come...