Thursday, May 27, 2010


the number of miles that separate me and Whitty....last night...tonight...and all day tomorrow.
He is with my parents in Manila.
We miss you Whitty.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

WE call it big'll see.

Check out this little muffin. He is pulling up stand's a LONG body to pull up. He reaches things that he shouldn't yet. My mom says Kane was the same way.

Note the very cute top (cowboys all over...matching pants)...I have accumulated 3 HUGE garbage sacks of hand-me-downs...and let's JUST say WE scored...especially when he fits into 12-18 month clothing...
Daddy left us early on Friday to head off into the Lander, Wyoming Sunset. He was off to get "POPPY"....while he was away...Whit, Jensey and I did play...we ate BLT's and watched a fun. Saturday was relaxing...I had some SERIOUS Whityn time and I loved it. We got together with Karen and Millie for coffee. NO pics..but I will paint you a picture of Millie *PIGtails, sesame street overralls...RED muck boots...DARLING!
Jordy arrived late afternoon without "POPPY" due to the SNOW falling sideways...HARD. So, he left it in Wilson, Wyoming. Ugh. When he got to Victor...we headed of the the Paicuilli's for PIZZA night.
Jordy visits with the kiddos. Whityn was HARD at the drums.
Daddy entertains too. Whit loves his new FABRIC drum with accessories that I picked up from Jack and Jills.
Whit went to town EATING...luckily before we all ate...because right after this cucumber..I was PRO.JEC.TILE. vomited on. Yikes...guess he was full.
Here is the amazing CAKE that followed the BEST pizza in TETON Valley. Don't worry...Whit didn't get any.
HAVE you ever played spoons? If not, you should...with a group of friends. It's fun. We played for hours on Saturday night while Teya and Whit shared a room...not a crib..but a room.
BIG poppy!!!! you have probably been wondering this whole time huh...well, SUNDAY morning Jordy, me and Whityn drove over TETON pass to FETCH our NEW pop-up. Beforehand we ate at Nora's in Wilson with Rachel and her cute boyfriend Chris. They met us at the POP-up to help load it up..and Rachel mentioned naming I did. BIG POPPY??? What do you think?
Back home in Victor. We popped it up..cleaned it out...loaded it up for our FIRST camping trip to the Flaming Gorge. We are headed down for Memorial Weekend...and to see the parents! Jensey came over for a while too. She is a big helper. Her mommy went for a run and she helped me clean the chicken shack...and feed Whityn a snack....while feeding him..I overheard her talking to him..."you know I am your best friend Whityn"....and "don't open your mouth with food makes me not want to sit next to you."....I love 5 year olds.
Other view. I am soooo excited. You have no idea.
PS- We are selling this beauty. Know anyone who wants to buy it. Let me know. I am bummed...but I don't know any parents who take their Harley out for a spin with their 9 month old. hehehe.

**ALso, I have been meaning to write this down...but I have neglected to. At 9 months old, which was 5/9/10 I stopped nursing Whityn. I am really bummed that I didn't make it to a year. To be was overwhelming when I returned to work. I tried my hardest and made it longer than some. It was truly an amazing experience. I loved nursing and I miss it terribly.
**On another note...Whit sleeps mostly in his crib. He has been waking up around 4am lately and I bring him into our bed. He sleeps til I wake him around 6am. I miss having him in our bed ALL the time. He seems to like his space though and welcome the snuggles too.
Okay...enough of my baby/personal info....but i want to remember it when I look back.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


It's a's a, no,'s just Whityn. He went to the Stitt's tonight for a few hours while Jordy and I had our ESL endorsement meeting. Yep, that's right people...I am going back to school. While with the Stitt's...Whit shows off his new's simple: fetch ball off the ground in mouth....ARE you impressed?
I am.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One for the books...

Life is busy. School is winding down...11 days to go. We are still trying to get BIDS for an addition (MUDroom/eating area)...planning the summer (exhausting)...staying on top of laundry...keeping the place clean (my mother would strongly disagree to that)..but hey, we try....but life is indeed BUSY...but it's little moments like this one that I try to soak up everyday...look at this socks, brown diaper, hippo paper in hand...priceless!


My school is working on a PBS plan...PBS is basically a decision-making, operational process to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students by guiding selection, integration, and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioral practices....blah blah blah...teacher talk...but one of the teachers decided it would be fun to all have
1. an IMPROVEMENT goal...
2. Write it down and throw it in a pot
3. put 20 bucks in the pot
BY June 18th....if you complete/REACH your goal, then you get to participate in the DINNER/NIGHT out with everyone.
So, we all put down our goals...
MINE is to cook AND/OR CLEAN in the kitchen at least 3 nights during the week. I know...I know....ladies...I am so lucky...but I am feeling like I need to step up to the Plate...*no pun intended...and clean it. hahahaha.
I will let you know how it goes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

THIS is what we did. What did you do???

My weekend was full of sunshine and about yours?
Friday night we met up with some pals at "Grumpy's goatshack"...if you are from around here and haven't done Grumpys...then you need to get on it. It's literally a shack RIGHT in town and you can sit outside...feed goats...AND eat yummy hotdogs...yes, hotdogs..they are so good. I recommend John's Wing Ding.
The Stitt's were there...and Jensey was snuggling up with Whityn. She loves him. He loves her too. Notice the saltine in Whit's's his new thing.
OMG. How cute are they? I am thinking of ways to ADOPT Jensey..I don't think her parents would be into the idea, but I sure am. She is the best little helper and Whityn adores her.
Snaggin' hats.
After 'DOgs...jordy, me and Whit ventured home to watch a movie ONLY to fall asleep 20 minutes into it...oh well.

SATURDAY...Whitties and I headed up to the Alta school to check on my incubator...(which is full of 15 eggs) ready to hatch any day I needed to make sure no fine feathered birdies were hanging out in there. THERE were none....dangit. But Whit and I managed to get a swing ride in...slide down the slide...and play wiffle ball in the grass

Then we stopped by Augustus' house (a little boy in my class) to pick up some HAND-me-downs for Whit...and we ended up staying for a while....eating their backyard.
Then...we went to the watch chickens...This is Whityn's spot...where he holds down the chicken coup and keeps it under control.
Listening to the bluebirds...who just made our BIRDhouse their home. YEAH.

I swear he says just "MOM"'s funny.
Good 'ole Wynnie just enjoying the sun.
Wild Rupert taking a break from chasing cars...his new trick. UGH.
AND guess what else.....GUESS who came to VISIT.......
Nonna Sharon drove up from Manilla, soak up some precious moments with her little snuggle bug. We are excited to have her here.
Shortly after she arrived Jordy and I asked to leave for a half hour or so to cruise around on our cruiser bikes...ahhhhhhh...a short date.
****OH YEAH...I forgot a snippet on Saturday night, my school performed the Princess and the pea with the help of Missoula Children's theatre. It was so amazing...(glad I got to see the dress rehearsal...because Whit was singing aLONG so loud..we had to excuse ourselves to the lobby)...hehehe. Glad the sun is back. More pictures soon. I promise.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just for you Nannie!

Just because I know you look everyday Nannie...these are from last week.
Jordy hates that I constantly put leg-warmers on our little boy, but I just can't help myself. I love them so much on him and they are soooo functional. He doesn't mind them either.
Just a smiling. Whityn is such a happy guy. I am so in love with him. I can't believe he is 9 months old.
Riding the SNAIL. The snail is from the Stitts....he can't really ride it..but he likes it. I like it too. It's so cute and it was Jensey' it's ours.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting out of town.

Lately...we hit the road on Friday and get out of town. This weekend...we ventured off to the Schell's house in Lander, Wyoming. They recently bought a new house and there is a whole guest wing.....*the basement. The house is rad...something out of a James Bond movie with original tiles and flooring...and it's soooo kid could literally roller-skate downstairs....don't put it past me on my next visit.

We arrived Friday night just in time for spaghetti....yum yum. Whitties had a pretty good car ride...the last hour I was a sucker and climbed in the back to entertain him.

Saturday was a relaxing day buying plants, veggies and hanging baskets for Rene's yard...sipping lattes from the local coffee shop...taking WHITTY on his first bike ride....we borrowed bikes and slipped into town like bandits on horseback...we laughed all the way there.....*partly because the Schells are smaller people and we are TALLER...and the bikes were built for was a sight.

Saturday night Jordy cooked up some lamb that we brought from was TO DIE for..melt in your mouth...delicious. Even Whit had some and couldn't stop eating it....he loves lamb. We always have creative things going on at the Schells because they are both so creative and fun. They made blueberry pies over the fire...and they were mmmm...mmmmmm....goood. I could easily eaten two. I didn't.

Every time I am in Lander..I beg RENE for sewing lessons...or to teach me how to do this time...she told me to pick out some fabric and that she would show, supervise, TELL me how to make Whityn some pants....and I did it. It was soooo fun and they are soooo cute. You will be impressed.

This morning we celebrated Mother's day...*my first! Jordy made it very special beginning with a card and some TRASH mags...(he hates when I buy this was a BIG buy) my card, he wrote that I can order an athleta outfit...and if you don't know this should. He also bought me a new CANON poweshot on the way home which is exciting because I am a picture taking fool. So instead of stealing my "school" camera for the weekend..(which is what I have been doing) I will be back in action taking photos again..yeah!
The boys also fixed a wonderful breakfast...complete with powdered sugar waffles....a "local" latte for yours for both girls....and service too. WOW. What a nice morning.
THEN...some really good news got delivered..."WE are buying a POP-up camper"...a used 93 Jayco....our friends' friends are selling one and we have been wanting one and it's the right price and wha-la!!!!! I am excited to head back over to lander in the next two weeks to pick it up. Yeah for SUMMER camping....FALL camping...Spring camping...maybe some winter camping too. I can't wait.

**REALLY good stuff***
Whityn turned 9 months on Friday...he is a happy little guy...very very VERBAL...always talking and loves other kids.....loves to play on the floor....very content that way...loves to be chickens...dogs...loves to be sung too. His new favorites are "Sing a Song of sixpence", Row your boat, Ms. Mary Mack....eats meat now..such as LAMB..loves EATING a ritz cracker right now...first time...loves it...there is not much food he doesn't love to be honest with you....would probably eat anything...YIKES. He is sitting up and turning around...scooting on the floor...not crawling...don't know if he is anywhere near it...I am quite okay with it...I want him to wait 'til I am out of school so that I can see it first....he loves balls and blocks...and music...ME....hehehe....waffles...*he had his first one today....he says momma, dada...a lot and lots of other things I don't understand, but pretend too. He is so fun to be around....we love him so much.

on the road again
ready to hit the cute town of lander.
rocks and mud at SPROUTS...nursery with timmy
how cute are these two....timothy and charlotte...beautiful blondies.
Whityn's first bike ride "in front" in the ibert cute.
you can take 'em to town...but you can't make 'em shop. haha.
new friends....
made by yours truly.....with love for WHityn......elastic, hem and inseam weren't finished..but you get the idea...i will take pics of whit in them too. He looks precious.

Monday, May 3, 2010

48 hours.

ON my way to plant trees...gotta have a drink.
hanging with the ladies..they have their cider and I got my milk.
Hanging with my MAY.
getting loved on.

Our weekend was crazy...all at the same time...I will try to sum it up for you as best as I can.
Here goes nothing:
Friday night was a LAY low kinda night...because we have been breaking up our week by doing "KID" trade outs with our friends "The Stitts" on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It's been great. Back to FRiday...we just hung out, watched a movie and did nothing since WE had to be up early to PICK up trees at a local nursery for my school. My school is involved in a tREE planing project....learn more right HHHHEEERRRREEEE! With that being said, we had 18 trees to plant Saturday morning...beginning at 8:30 we took it easy Friday night. we around 11:45 planting, conversing, laughing. watering, stomping, pictures....more laughing...staking...root shaking...digging...digging...digging. Whitties was a trooper. He only had to make one trip inside. Jordy wore him in the ERGO while it snowed and blowed around us. He seemed to love watching the kids and most importantly the MINI-excavator. He loved it. So around 11:45 the Griffin family called it a morning at the Alta school and headed on down to Idaho Falls. I was on a CHICKEN mission and Jordy was on a rifle mission. Hmmmm. Last fall, we suffered the loss of 3 I was determined to try one last time. I found some White Leghorns on Craigslist.....haha. They were 12.oo a bird. So, we headed that way...about 5 miles outside of Idaho Falls...we were talking...laughing...sipping coffee...when the CAR in front of us drifts off the road to the right....(maybe they are falling asleep at this point..we don't know)...but then the CAR QUicKLY corrects the drift with a swerve to the left and went airborn 2 rolls and landed on the hood in the ditch. WE (being the car behind them and the ONLY car on the road)...are the first ones on the scene....I call 911. Jordy jumps out of the car, sprints across the road...and proceeds to help these two elderly people...Dale and Janette. Bless them. THey were older...frantic...hurt. Jordy knew he wasn't supposed to move them..but because the car was on it's hood...and they were frantic and couldn't breathe well....Jordy made the decision to just get them out. By this time...another man was on the scene helping Jordy. It was crazy. Scary. I think Dale and Janette will be okay. We hope they are. To spare you all the details...jordy fills out the this time Whitties is AWAKE in the backseat...totally aloof to the ACTION all around him.
We eat, head to MANLAND (sportsmans warehouse) to get the rifle...then on to the chicken mission...we buy 4 chickens...load 'em up. We head our blessings.
Sunday: Jordy had a total MAN day and shot guns with other men...sounds thrilling huh? I ate lunch with bunches of mommies, went for a WINDY walk...took a nap with Whitties...then went to the neighbors for MOOSE tac0-itas-chiladas....or something like that. It was a wild weekend....and tonight MONday...the family was supposed to go and watch DONKEY basketball at the Teton highschool. It ended up being just me because Whit fell asleep and we felt bad waking him up. It was a total riot. Youtube it. You'll laugh.