Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Busy times

Words to come...
Watching daddy do yard work from the deck! We have had some nice weather!
Whityn started preschool at Discoveries with Ms. Stephanie...and he loved it. He dressed himself...thoughts?
I am doing my thing mommy. Please leave me alone.
Can I wear you hat mommy?
Last week we were in transition...with Whitty spent some time in kindergarten. He did surprisingly well!
Carlito is usual!
Shirt off...pushing my truck...I got work to do mommy!
Back in Kindergarten...talking and building with Gideon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our news!

so...the cat's out of the bag! Jordy is leaving teaching. AND....taking on a new role of assistant director of Teton Valley Ranch Camp. We are so excited for a change in our lives. We will be moving June 16th...up to camp until the beginning of September. We are thrilled about this experience with our little family. More details later...but stay tuned for some awesome pictures of SUMMER in the mountains.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oops! Sorry Queen - 15weeks 6days

 Apparently I need a lesson on the flags...I picked up my cute tank at TJ maxx and in my quick glance I thought it was a British flag....but to my mistake FOUND BY my friend in OZ (Bec Lacy) it's actually an Australian flag...oops...sorry queen! Sorry NAnnie...I thought you taught me better. Can I blame it on pregnancy brain...or do I just's still under the crown!!! Oh well! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I want some water. I want some milk.

Whit loves to ask for 2 drinks right now...probably cause his momma always has 2 or 3 drinks...and lots of meal choices. It's really cute though and I honor it....for now! :)
The griffins went to Idaho Falls on Saturday after we heard Baby Griffin's strong little heart beating at Theresa's office. It is a cool thing to hear inside your own belly....and weird.

Whitty went shopping at Old Navy and scored some new pjs!

We taught him how to come his hair into a duck tail and he thinks that is GREAT! Sort of!

This picture is for nannie...of our breakfast room we added on 2 summers ago. We love the extra space and fully made a commitment to eating EVERY meal here. It's nice to sit down together even in the weekday rush!

Sunday...JOrdy did odd projects around the house like this one...hanging my iron organizer in my closet so that it doesn't sit on top of the hot water heater anymore. Ahh, makes a nesting girl's heart happy.

I got this little booger all cleaned up for Sunday dinner. We knocked back a rack of ribs...okay I did...but Whit did have 2. :) 

While in Idaho Falls on Saturday we took Whit down the toy aisle for the first time and let him pick out a toy. He taught that was great...but he had no idea what to do. We ended up facil-A-MANIPULATING the decision so he got a CARS play doh set...he loves it.  He even sleeps with the Finn and Mator molds...too cute.

This child loves a craft. He's like his momma. I got these puff balls at the dollar store for different crafts...but he loves to sort them...stuff them in his ears....and line them up to make caterpillars...whatever floats your boat little man!

We taught Whityn how to take pictures...he's obsessed!

Not too bad...