Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vacation: First Leg!

Hey, look at me...I am writing about my Spring Break almost 3 weeks later! Ha!
We had a wonderful trip! The first leg was fast. I wish we could of stayed longer.
Our flight was wicked fast (like RUNNING in between landings) and we made it just in time for the Rehearsal dinner. My Uncle Tim (pictured below), my dad, brother, cousins and others cooked a pig in my dad's back yard for 12 hours. I wish I would of gotten there to be a part of the cooking process, but I got there in time to eat it!
My parents hosted a fabulous  rehearsal dinner for the beautiful couple and there were so many wonderful things said. I wanted to toast my bro...but got a little sidetracked with my two rug-rats and the evening quickly got away from me.
To my brother, you... "BIG BROTHER" are best. You have made me stronger, tougher and I have an immense about of respect for myself because of you. You have always put me on a pedestal since I was little. You protected me from the meanies. You kept your friends at an arms length. You challenged me when you didn't agree with me and  you gave it to me when I gave mom and dad hell.

About the pedestal though...I have always felt special because you have held me to a higher regard and made me feel smart, beautiful, fun, athletic and downright pretty awesome. If you do that for your sister...I can only imagine how Kristina will feel as your wife. I love you so much Kane. I am so happy that you found Kristina. I feel fortunate that we will have her as a part of our family. I will open my heart and arms to her. I wish you two the absolute best. Here's to an adventurous and fun filled marriage!
-My apologies for not saying it to you while you were standing in front of me!
The night of the wedding we stayed in a hotel. Here are my boys before we left!

These two cuties were the only ones with suspenders! Whitty thinks his Uncle Kane is pretty special. He is!
And we tried to clean it up for the occasion too!

We got there a bit early...enough time for Whit to wreck his shirt...and completely fall apart. I didn't think he was going to make it down the aisle.

Whitty was Uncle Tim's helper and they started the fire.

I got a sneak peek of the bride! 
Whitty was after the flower girl...Nevaeh...

 I wish I could of snapped more pictures...but right after I grabbed this one...Whitty had to come and sit by me...and then HE.LOST.IT!! I had to bribe him...meanwhile Madden woke from his nap the moment the ceremony it was a little chaotic in the front row. Sorry Kane and Tina!

But I managed to snap this one too before Madden was whisked away by my Aunt and Whitty was given an iphone by a family member! Yikes!

We immediately took him to the car...and drove him to the hotel....this was him 2 minutes into the car!
 We came back in our cozy clothing...slurped down some oysters at the OYSTER bar 
 took some fun photos in the photo booth...and danced....had a few cocktails...visited with the fam!
 WAtched Kane sing Ice.Ice.Baby...
 And then we took it to the house...the next morning we had CRACKER barrel with the fam. I LOVE Cracker Barrel! Sweet Nannie got to snuggle Madden.

 We bought Whitty a little airplane at CB and he played with that thing for hours at Nonna and Poppa's house...

 He zoomed it to the lake...around the whole thing....and back home again!
 While in Alabama...we had family staying all over my parent's fun. I got to see my Aunt Kathy while I was there. She is a very special lady and we enjoyed reconnecting with her.
 The bummer was we had to fly to Florida...okay not too much of a bummer...but I was bummed to not hang with my family more. We had a fairly uneventful flight down...YEAH! This is how we looked upon landing...we are a special crew!

Friday, April 5, 2013

PIcture post with mini updates.

Madden loves his cannot be destroyed!
Dinner with the stitts...Jensey feeds Madden. This little peanut has fed both of my boys...Crazy.

DAds with babies are kinda sexy...doncha think?

The Griffin clan goes swimming.


It was warm enough to be outside...ahhhh. Vitamin D
For an early B-day pressie Jordy took me to the Alpine wines for a painting and dinner night. I had so much fun.

We ate...we drank...and we even finished a painting!

Best date night in awhile!
Spring Fun run with Rachel...and a little spa action afterwards.
Whitty ran a mile...then I carried him the last 2!

More vitamin D!
And it's my boys bought me an ice cream cake from DQ and it has peanut butter cups...ahhh! 

I found this cute little recipe on pinterest for my class...but we tried it out on whitty's called breakfast sushi...
Take a banana
Cover it in peanut butter
Roll it in rice krispies
Slice into sushi slices
EAT it!


Birthday weekend!

Jordy made us corned beef and year ever! 

Madden is the happiest guy ever. He just makes our family complete.
ON a side 3 year old's foot is huge...these are BIG boy shoes! Crazy!