Thursday, July 30, 2009

THANK god for men like Jordy!

I don't know many husbands who truly love to COOK and clean in the kitchen. Jordy loves both. I am so fortunate because if it were up to me...we would constantly dine on the above CHOCOlate pudding cake (my masterpiece), but we eat Jordy's inventions mostly which consists lately of GRILLED everything, Fish Tacos, Man Spaghetti, Pizza-tias, BEST damn tuna melts ever and the latest (pictured below) is Shepard's Pie which Jordy cooked, baked and then we ate at 10:30pm.....yum! Here's to Jord!

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  1. The great "Gordinski"! You can come clean my kitchen anytime....

    Lauren, looking great and full Awesome, I love it. Boy, girl, alien---your baby is fortunate to have you both as parents. Hang tight--it's a wild ride.

    I look forward to keeping up with you all via your blog. I put you on my blog's "blogroll"....under "mafia families".

    best to all,
    dave, jay, ellie, calvin, and otis.


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