Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend...

Low key around the Griffin house...we have been, it has been nice to have a relaxing weekend filled with park time, grocery store, shopping excursion to Idaho Falls, more park visits, bike rides and yard time...
Whitty is a bit under the weather with a cold (due to change of seasons) and JUST cut 4 molars...yikes. I will be glad when the molars are in complete because he has been waking through the night....which is OH.SO.FUN.
finally this morning Whitty slept til 7am...which it's been a few weeks since that last happened.
In Idaho Falls we picked up some new books....Barnes and Noble is amazing...I could of stayed in there all day...and so could Whitty.
Like Mommy...Whitty is obsessed with the computer.
Whitty is a one-handed walker now fore sure...he takes a about 2 steps and then goes boom...or just dives into your arms...super SAFE.
but he loves it..and I think any minute he will be going FULL speed ahead...which terrifies me.
almost to the tent...
guess who is watching, waiting, and loving being abused by Whityn....yep, you guessed it..RUE!
in and out
taking a break
getting strong...
went for a bike ride to meet up with karen and millie...and what did we see??? A great horned owl...that's what...can you spot it up there?
Cute little millie doing some fishing.
exploring the creek with daddy
puttin some time in on the swing.
Enjoying the FALL weather on a beautiful sunny day

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  1. He's getting so very big Lauren!! That's really cool about the great horned owl! Anderson is scared of them currently...who knows why??


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