Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Goodbye July. Hello August!

End of July brings chores and projects...and a to-do list! The first one on the docket is to put together the playset...here it is in all it's glory in 4 boxes...eeesh.
WE started...and after about 30 minutes...I was all done...due to chasing Whitty around...but it was kind of a one man show in the beginning...
Then I tried to put Whit to work...ANd at first that was a GREAT idea...he gathered tnuts...screws...and pretended to work with them until he started to put them all over the garage and we had to put the kabash on that game...
so we hunted bugs in the boxes...and we found a lady bug...Whit loves bugs! I love that he loves bugs. He is so gentle with them and giggles as they crawl on his fingers..

Whit loves to help me water the flowers too...
he loves messing with them.
Day 2 of building the PLAYset....during the rain...Whitty learned to climb the ladder and proceeded to do it 1,000 times...he loved it.
THEN the rain really started that night...so the next day Jordy and I put Whityn in daycare and took ourselves up to the Alta school to paint his classroom and organize mine....feels good to just put the room back in order.
jordy has his work cut out for him...at least the painting is done but now he has to organize and put away....yikes.
When we picked up whitty we took him home to puddles and water...off came the pants and to work he went.
Then it was time for a bath.
And Carlito had to come too. Whityn loves Carlito...and he loves saying his name...
The other thing he loves is driving the car when it's in the driveway...he sneaks in there and gets in the drivers seat!!!
Tonight we had Matt, Shelly and Teya over for ribs...the kids played so well together...whityn loved chasing teya around and learning to jump...teya was jumping from the top step...and whitty tried to jump from the top too and did a BIG boom down 3 stairs...so I taught him how to jump from the bottom...he's mastered that!

Do you think he will be looking at her like that in 10 years?

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