Monday, February 20, 2012

Mid February...

We have been busy 'round here. It's like it's late March with all the organizing, painting, and purging going on. Today Jordy is working on our bathroom. It is in the need of some TLC. Some fresh paint will help and a new Ikea organizer too.

We got some Valentine packages on Saturday. Thanks Nonna, Poppa, and Nannie. You guys sure are thoughtful.
Whit's favorite part was the m&ms and a McQueen sticker book.

Little bear has been quite challenging lately. He cries over anything... Not getting what he wants, requesting for him to use the potty, getting dressed, walking in the snow, and any other little simple thing. It's been frustrating and crazy around here at times. We have been talking with Whityn about having a happy heart and not whining so much. He does go around and talk about having a happy heart so maybe it will sink in.

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