Friday, August 31, 2012

My hubs

So, I can't even tell you how happy I am that summer is over. Isn't that crazy? This summer was like no other I have had. Jordy changed jobs and moved up to a ranch just outside of Dubois, Wyoming (2 hours away). I am pregnant (enough said). I raised an almost 3 year old all summer alone (practically). So when August 26th rolled around I was just thrilled. I couldn't even make it til I left on the 25th. I was happy to be home. I was more happy the following day that Jordy arrived. Having your other half gone for 11 weeks is rough. Yes we saw each other and Whitty and I spent time in Dubois...but the hubs was AT WORK...BUSY...OCCUPIED from like 7 AM til 11 PM...that leaves sleeping. This was not good for a pregnant...emotional...momma.
Since Jordy's been home we have been busy putting away (all of our stuff from our Dubois cabin)...organizing (the garage...and even the driveway)...Did I mention that I am glad the husband came home in nesting mode??? I am!...However we were nesting in different ways and in different areas..and that blew up a bit...but we made a fairly quick recovery and got back on track.
Now the driveway has been dumped with new rocks and sand and raked.
The soon to be baby room carpet ripped up and emptied out...ready for ceilings to be white-washed.
Downstairs organized....internet connection updated...cable updated...and scheduled to be installed in living that we can move the office into the TV room now...
Paint bought.
Even a surprise date night with my hubs to the SNAKE river grill. nom.nom.
Tomorrow is IDAHO FALLS day for other things needed for the house.
Sunday is WHITEWASH...and Monday is HANG and rest with the family...and Tuesday the hubs goes back to work again in Jackson tho....4 days a week...which is exciting and YOU KNOW who starts preschool. OH.MY.GOSH.

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