Saturday, October 20, 2012

INCREDIBLE shrinking baby far Maddy Moodles is the incredible shrinking baby. He just keeps losing weight. I have gone to lactation to work on his latch. His little mouth is so tiny that he isn't an efficient "nurser" yet...poor guy and appears to be hungry a after appointments with the midwife...lactation...pediatrician...I am now pumping right after nursing...and feeding a bottle too. I feel like the breast-A-raunt! 
 Little Madden finally hit birthweight last Thursday and now we are just working on pumping more calories in. I hope he can pick up the pace a bit because he is so tiny. 
 However Jordy...Whit and Nonna are all enjoying doing some feedings!
Madden is such a good little baby. He rarely cries (only when you are changing him)...not sure if it's cause he is still supposed to be in the womb or if he is truly this mild mannered...we shall see!

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