Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas parts

This year we decided to fly to Alabama. We haven't flown over Christmas break in years. Can you believe this anxiety ridden mama flew on an
Airplane? Apparently I hate flying now which sucks because you have to fly to get anywhere. But I managed to do it with the two kids and hubs support. Don't I look happy to you? More importantly the little three-year-old. Isn't happy at all...he's sick and his ears are popping on the descent...meanwhile Madden Kane is out like a light.

But we did arrive without any glitches on Christmas Eve. Below is a picture of Christmas morning. This past summer when we were in Alabama Whitty left his Elmo on the airplane. And jolly old St. Nicholas brought it back.

He brought some other things too.

Whitty liked to help everybody else open their pressies too.

And there was lots of out-of-control behavior

I would say that Whitty was really into Christmas this year...and he understood what was happening.

It was so fun to be in Alabama for Christmas. I loved watching Whitty interact with all of my family.

These two definitely bonded.

These boys love their poppa.

Someone was a little bummed when there were no more presents to open.

I was thrilled to move on.

Candy land was a huge hit this year.

Madden snuggled with just about every family member.

Nonna and Poppa's tree

I found this in my mom's room. My cousin Whitney makes them... aren't they cool?

And there's Madden again doing some snuggles.

And some smiles.

More snuggles...this is one snugly child.

This is the man himself...the man we named Madden after.

And poppa did some feeding too.


Check this picture out. Look at those clef chins. Wow.i just hope madden is every bit like my dad. I would be one lucky mommy.

How special is this to meet your great grandma and be held by her.

Even uncle Greg got in on the action.

These two love birds are getting married and we loved having Aunt Tina around this time.

Baby Madden got a new hat for Christmas. Doesn't he look so sporty?

This sure is a special picture. Nannie with the three boys.


The day we are supposed to leave our plane had mechanical issues... We would've missed our connection And it would've been one long day... So the Griffins made a decision and we stayed for two more days. That meant for New Year's we were in Alabama.

Everyone was pretty excited about that.

We made a great dinner for everyone surf and turf with a yummy salad... And a delicious cheese plate with some wine. We are great visit to Alabama... it was so fun to be with family this Christmas. I'm so grateful to have such a great family to spend holidays with.

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