Sunday, February 3, 2013

And I went back to work!

It is hard being away from these two goof balls all day!

Thank goodness for they have a whole new meaning again....This is Whitty all dressed up in his padded pants from cousin Hayden to go ice skating with Daddy!

This little guy is so dang strong...loves to pull your hand!

An emotional morning...I wonder who is crying. 

About twice weekly you can still find Whitty in his PIT crew costume from 2 years still fits!

Happy Baby! Drooley baby!

Whatchu looking at?

Look at that thigh roll! Oh yea!!!

Check out my snuggie from Aunt Tina and Uncle Kane...can't believe that at 3 months I fit in 6month clothing! Whoa!

Superman snuggle!

And go ahead and plant a wet one on Madden's head!

At 3  months...we did bust out the jumper...for 10 minutes here and there...we had to put a game under his feet!
Daddy love...we all love when this man walks through the door!

Cause there is always an adventure to be visiting the sculptures in Driggs. Winter Fest was  happening so we checked them out...and did some kick sledding too!

We made sure to come home for some good ole TUMMY time...have you seen a picture of Madden unhappy yet? This is one chill baby!

Whitty loves to hold him and snuggle. 

You have to stay close tho...cause you never know when Whityn will just say "All done with Madden"

Baby Garity came over for a surf and turf dinner. It was so good to see the Stitts. We have been hiding under a rock but these 2 hopefully will be fast friends.

Bumbo baby.

So my 3 year old is huge...and every time we loaded him in the car we would end up whacking his head because he was so tall in his I made a decision to up him to the booster...I did DIVE in and spent the extra 150.00 or so extra for the 5 point harness...I want his booty strapped in. My parent's have the booster with just the lap belt over him and I feel like he is a free man in the I opted to strap his tail down. You can see the cat is getting good use from the old's for sale by the way! Not the cat...the seat!


I got home last Friday and these little notes were all over the house...Jordy and Whitty wrote reasons they love me and hung them all over...makes a momma's heart happy!!!

Jordy and I managed to escape last weekend for a date. THANK goodness...we had lunch and went to the spa...I talked my husband who hasn't drank in years into have a glass of wine with me. So fun!

Pre date...we had this little buddy of Whitty's over. His name is Cache and he is a cute kid. Whitty and him get SUPER fired up together!

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