Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big decisions for our family.

Well, we moved into a 2 bedroom - 1000 square foot townhouse in Morrisville, Vermont. It's tiny, but great. We back up to the People's academy fields (which is the elementary, middle and high school), trails and track. Whitty loves to romp around out there. Actually we all do. The elementary school is a quick walk through the field and they have a great playground. They like to use the landscape here as part of the playground so they try to make the things built into the hills and trees and such. It's very cool.

So about my job that I took at the Stowe Co-op...I haven't really told anyone besides my family that I won't be working next year. Well, scratch that. I will be working, just not in a classroom. I will be busy taking care of, cleaning up after, teaching, feeding, scheduling, loving and playing with Whitty McKay and Madden Kane. I am thrilled to have this opportunity. However, I was sad to have to walk away from an opportunity as well. When we arrived here. We stopped off at the coop and I dropped in all my teacher garbage off at the school. It took several trips. I looked around, met the staff and felt pretty good about it. However as I started to look for infant care...(WHICH IS PRICEY by the way and hard to find) we kept running into issues and really couldn't nail down a spot. That left that horrible feeling in my stomach. We sat down and started to brainstorm a plan...Jordy being my budget boy....whipped out a spreadsheet to see if we could actually make this happen. We could...that was the easy part...then the hard part is making the decision and letting the people know once the decision is made. So...I decided not to work and then I had to tell. It was an awful feeling but it felt very right for my family. I hate letting people down especially in a new town where people don't actually know the type of person that I am. Ugh.'s done and it wasn't that bad. They completely understood...they are moms. They get it. So that was a few weeks ago...and I am still getting used to the idea that I won't be decorating a classroom this year...stressing out over parent nights...writing the same names on everything in your class...organizing until you are dizzy...and planning for a year of fun...chaos....and learning...I am excited about that and a little sad about that.

Let me tell you what I will be thrilled for that I won't get back...Madden's first steps...words...playtimes with friends...Fall walks in the woods with the boys...crafting until my heart is content....lazy mornings...teaching my two boys manners...resilience....kindness...letters...numbers...nature...sharing with Whitty is first full year of preschool...where I get to pick up and drop off...and share in his experience. I am forever grateful. I am excited about my future too. I love teaching. I love to learn. I am curious what I will happen upon and what I will seek out. I am wondering what is next for me. STay tuned!

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