Sunday, September 1, 2013 EAST! Wha?

Saying "goodbye" is hard. It's hard because I am doubtful that I will find a friend like this one in Vermont. Call me skeptical. I just hear it's harder and harder to make friends as you age. Hmmm. I miss this girl because I know I won't be able to just call her up for a girl's night out. I won't be collaborating over the internet, phone, blog or texts this year as we unfold another teaching year. I won't see this girl til maybe next summer as she flies home to see her family. I miss her dearly. She and her beau "Jon" meant a lot to my little ones too. Nothing but love for this couple!
Saying "goodbye" to these brings tears to my eyes and not because they are mountains...but because they symbolize me getting my wings. I first saw these at 17...only to move back at 18..then again at 22. I feel in love with the mountains. Then...the mountains brought me the love of my life. Then the mountains just kept delivering from there...a marriage....a dream job (a few actually)...a home (2 actually)...2 beautiful boys and more. These mountains will forever be etched into my heart as a place where my life began. Thank you Tetons! And maybe not "goodbye"...maybe just see ya later!
Another great girl that I had to say "good bye" too...however she is from somehow we will be connected until the bitter end...She has taught me so much....and was my mentor when I started teaching in Teton School District. I am grateful and inspired by her. Not goodbye...see yah next summer!
Ugh. And this one...whom I met at Chico Hot Springs...before I even worked with her...we didn't immediately hit it off...but I chipped away at her until she fell in love with me. This one has drive...I tell yah...a great teacher...a wonderful friend...and someone who I can always count on for a good time and to help out! I love you Anne Stitt! My whole family loves you. We are not through...we are meeting every summer. Right!?
And I am indebted to this girl who stepped in to take care of these crazy-wild boys while Jordy and I went back to work. Thank you Sarai. My family adore you!
And then...we took off at 6 AM from Driggs, Idaho....for the EAst coast on a new I type this...I realize how brave and nuts we must seem! 

Taking a break somewhere in Wyoming...stretching our legs!
And fetching dandelions...and running by the river!
WE arrive at our first night destination Laramie, dear friend Elizabeth from my summer in Colter Bay circa 1998 (Grand Teton National Park)...when we were's been years since we  have seen each other...but we reconnected and we stayed the night with them...played...flew kites...ate wings and they even let us take over their master bedroom. You guys are the best! 
Who says you can't learn as you drive your 3 year old and 8 month old across the country!
Swimming in Lincoln, Nebraska...
Taking a break somewhere America...with Rupert! The rest stops were so good!
Rest stop crawl and diaper change...ahhh, yeah!
When it hit the fan...we were thankful for some the ipad mini!

 Illinois perhaps...Whitty was so tired...he fell asleep on Jordy at the restaurant. Poor guy!
 And Madden was busy licking the mirror. Ewwww!
 Best stop was 2 hours out of the way in Cincinnati, Ohio to see Kerri and her family!!!! Wahoo! Scuba Steve had a great time hanging out by the pool!
 Baby Harper and I!
 Look at Madden's lip...he was not happy being without his momma!
 Except in the pool!
 ANd Scuba Steve strikes again!
 Little Zoe and Rupert bonding!
 Jordy hamming it up with the kiddos.
I should of taken more pictures. Ugh. Kerri and I went to Troy together and played basketball. She is one of my favs til this happy to get to see her and meet all her little ones!
 And we are off to New York!
 Mickey D's stop...don't's's fast...and it's tasty...shhh, don't tell!
 And it makes you sleep I guess!
 Closing in on the gap!
 Cha-Chas! New York!
 And the name it!
 What is a New York visit without some Uncle T-Bone time and his 3 kiddos...and some dirt bike riding...oh yea!
 Ella (Jordy's god-daughter is one of Trevor's twins....oh so cute)

 And we got to go to Trader Joe's and see Bill and Bev Reed....Yeah New York...good showing!
 Taking a break at Loon Lake!

 And filling up on some "Nilk"...

 And even tho I wish we were pulling into living here.....
 We are living here...1,000 square foot condo in Morrisville, Vermont. It's and cozy with a great yard. We are settling in!
 First few days...stuff everywhere! It's been 2 months now...I will take some photos now for you to see. We are happy and comfortable...and searching for our little Vermont paradise!
Some days I cannot believe we really pulled this off. I can't believe we drug these 2 across the United States of AMerica...but we did and we lived to tell it. WE are excited about the next ten years here...maybe more! Wahoo!

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  1. You guys are brave!!!! Hope you enjoy your new home. Your family is beautiful!!!!


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