Monday, January 6, 2014


Vacay! It is always good to go home...I am finding that no matter where you's just good to get who you what you know...or knew and how things used to be when you were there and what they are like now...that you are gone!

Kane took us hiking one was good to get out with the sun on our faces...even if Kaney was in khaki pants and my bro.
When I was little we used to make a night where we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. Ever since we moved out was different cause there aren't TONS of I found myself not taking a night to go and look...but while we were in parents live a a neighborhood community and they all decorate!

Nonna and Poppa have become quite the cooks…they eat better than we did when I was a kid…Nonna made some kale and sausage soup…with other things…and my boys tore it up…I think Whitty refilled his bowl 5 times…not kidding! 
But then we couldn't help but make up for that HEALTHY meal…Aunt Tina and Nonna and Whitty made rice krispie treats…yum…we never make these at home…but man they are oh so good! We got creative with some and added chocolate chips and sprinkles…delish!
We went to watch Uncle Kane's team get slaughtered. Ha…fun to watch my older bro coach tho!
Everything was fun…spending time watching my little guys develop relationships with their family members is pretty special. It makes me miss home more than ever. It's funny…I spend so much time trying to get as far away as possible and now we are working to get closer…crazy.
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We went to our friend's house while in Birmingham. They have little girls but close in age to my boys…they had the best time together…gingerbread houses…snacks…movies….and just hanging. It is fun with you have friends who have kids and they all just get on good together!
Did I mention that TWIG came to Alabama…crazy elf found us again…he was swinging from the ceiling fan one morning with a superhero costume on….haha!

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