Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Natural ways to induce labor....that I have tried!

2. Squats (At least 5 times a day for 1 minute each)
3. Crawling around on all fours 
4. Mowing the lawn on a riding lawnmower
5. Going on Boat rides with Anne on the palisades
6. Eat Spicy Mexican food (did it last night)
7. Drink a glass of red wine (did half a glass tonight)
8. Exercise ball (doing it tonight during 24)

It's funny that I am already waiting on this little nugget...and they aren't even in the world yet. I guess when they are ready....they will come!!! 
Like my Nannie says: Patience is a virtue and virtue is a grace and GRACE is a little girl who wouldn't wash her face.

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  1. Have you tried castor oil or the black licorice yet? Heard those worked for a few friends, but I'm thinking probably in a moment of desperation! lol Hang in there girl.....just a little bit longer! :)


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