Monday, August 31, 2009

Outings with Whityn...

As many of you know...getting OUT with a newborn is an adventure...1. The parents are a nervous wreck and boiling with anxiety. 2. All of a sudden..instead of keys, you are carrying carseats, diaper bags, blankies, and all sorts of weird stuff. 3. You can't really focus on whomever you are meeting out..because all of your attention is on your new bambino. 4. All of your friends without kids suddenly treat you like you have the plague..especially when you are changing the 3rd poopie diaper. Here's to braving it with our new little guy!
Drinks and poops at Teton Springs
Emporium milkshakes...yummy!!!
Eating at SCRATCH...or sleeping there!
MY mommy and daddy were so proud that I laid on the picnic table and stared at the umbrella while they finished their dinner! I am one brave 3 week old!

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