Thursday, September 24, 2009

to cut or not to cut

Look, it's shoulder length!
Maybe when I was 16...sure!
Could this be my 29 year old do???
so i am getting my hair CUT tomorrow...or at least I am planning on it. I am thinking just past my shoulders....any suggestions?


  1. hehe...i won't...just gotta get rid of some of this's driving me nuts.

  2. haha... I thought you were going to talk about circumsicions!!! But you would look cute with shorter hair!

  3. Hey Lauren,

    Dad and I think the Gwyneth Paltrow look is so you. It will be a great look on you. Still young, long enough and grown up like a young sexy Mom. You will love it, you can still pull it back in a pony tail and keep some length, but you will look more sophisticated.
    You do it. I love it and Dad said it will look great on you. No layers all the same length will be best for sure.

    Mom & Dad

  4. Yo. Diggin the new layout on the blog....very sharp.

    EGB says to go for the bald look with a few curls in the back. Works for her. Most old ladies think she's cute.

    best to you and yours...


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