Sunday, September 20, 2009

Success with the Schells

Charlotte Schell 2.5 (in the park with a mouth full of grapes)
Timothy Schell 1 (Eating grapes in the park)

Just a little post about our first "CAMPING" excursion with Whityn. We drove over to Lander to visit with the Schells and to show off Whit! Let's begin with the drive...From Victor to Jackson which is about 45 minutes....well, Whityn screamed the whole way. It was horrible for the both of us. Once we got Jordy things picked up and we made is happily to Lander. The Schells live in a very cool little house right in town, but there isn't enough room for us so we camp in their airstream in their GARDEN...yep..right there next to the name it! It's a true REDNeCK getaway and we love it! That night in the airstream..Whityn tested  his lungs for what seemed like an eternity. It was NOT fun. The next day...JOrdy hunted..and Rene, the kids and I walked to the city park...played...chatted and had some lunch. It was beautiful out and GUESS who was asleep.....ALL day...yep..WHityn. I decided to go buy a SLEEP book...(The 90 min. Sleep program by Polly Moore PH.D.) and boy am I excited that I did...because not only did WHityn sleep all day...he slept all night too!!!! I did it. And he SUCCESSFULLY NAPped all day and is in bed again now. I love my new book...that is...until it doesn't work! Way to go Whityn!

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