Sunday, October 11, 2009

Alabama adventures in random order

I got some new digs while in Alabama and they dressed me up and carried me to the pumpkin patch.
we're smiling..but it's 90 degrees mind you and my mommy was sweating all over me.
My Nonna could barely take her hands off me. She had all sorts of advice for my mommy too.
I got my feet a beautiful woman named Raven...she is my mom's best bud. She loved my feet.

I was the CENTER of attention!
I met my cuz JOSHUA...he wanted to know what I could do....he kept asking my mom "does he talk, does he walk, well, since he doesn't do anything...can I hold him?" 
I did some serious relaxing while there.
I got to meet Uncle Kane's girlfriend Kristina...boy was she cute and she knew just how to talk to me. I am a fan for sure!
I got to meet my mom's brother...Uncle Kane! 
I think I will call him Special K!
I slept through a wedding.
OKay, I opened my eyes once or twice.
I had this lady right where I wanted her!!!!! hehe
My mommy and daddy had a fun night too.
I met my great grandma, but I call her Nana so that it doesn't confuse anyone! She is from Liverpool, England but lives in Alabama. It makes for an interesting accent. I loved her hair the most and her sweet smelling snuggles. 

3 planes to get there and 2 long car rides but i made it in one piece to be reunited with my grandparents...

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