Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waltzing with Bec and Damo... Aussie friends are here and me being the ADVENTUROUS soul that I am decided to cook...ha, yes me...I decided to make DINNER for BEc and DAMo in a PUMPkin (recipe courtesy of Afton Carson).
Don't they look thrilled to eat a meal out of a pumpkin...
Jordy did the honors of cutting the top off....and I will be honest...HE DID THE honors of cooking the meal too!!!! hehehehe
This is what Bec and I did while he cooked....*baby looks good on her huh?
In goes the GOO!
Down the pipe it goes! Damo loves it...and don't let Bec fool yha...she had 2nds!!!
Day 2: We started off like champs....WAFFLE Tuesday with BACON...yum
After Breakie....we braved the had snowed the night before...and I was excited to get Whit into his new snowsuit.....*he hated every second of it!
He smiled for a family photo...*Take special notice of my outfit please.
Always time for some lovin
Time for a bath....*Afton had invited all of us over for an OCTOBER we had to get all showered up!
Family photo.
Day 3: Whit has found his HANDS for real! He loves BAby Fehn!
Uh you guys....what about me?
Meanwhile....I made the Aussies carve their first pumpkins...they loved it!
Pumpkin heads!
Whoo Hoo! We did it!
Are you able to read them?
Awe...WE LOVE Whit!!!! Jordy did "Sloth" from Goonies....only cause our sentence was complete!
Goodbye Aussies! We will miss you!!!! See you in Hawaii....2011! Be there or be talked about!


  1. Yay, Becca came to visit!!!! She looks pretty good with a baby!

  2. Lets do it on monday! start getting your gear together for the big day... I'll be ready to tan your hide..


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