Saturday, December 19, 2009

I flew the coop...

Last night...I happened upon an ENDEAVOR...but not just any ENDEAVor...the "PARTY bus"...Now, I know you are wondering how did I end up on this bus...well, my FRIEND "Itty Bitty Stitty" and her husband own a local business....and they had an extra spot on the bus for their CHRISTMAS party and I got invited. It was my first night on the town as a MOM...and it felt a little different...but I had so much fun....the bus was equipped with a disco light, sound system, leather couches and bean bags..and the GUY even has his own liquor was a MOVING bAr with your best buddies..and NON stop dancing....I had a few moves I had to get out....that had been cooped up for a few months now. HA.

After a night of dancing....ahhh! I haven't done this is oh so long! Welcome back CRAZY legs...

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  1. That looks so fun..... next time I'm soo inviting myself


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