Monday, December 28, 2009

Linn Canyon Ranch.....what a night!

We decided to treat the family for a night at Linn Ranch. We did a sleigh ride, drinks, and dinner. It was so special. If you are a local and haven't taken advantage of this....DO it!!!!
We chose the 4pm sleigh ride for ole Whit Whit....he had a red nose, but seemed to love it.
Run horsey Run!
Mom and Jordy snuggle up at dinner.
Whit gets a little love from Kristina...he LOVES her!
A little love from daddy...
Happy 32 years Mom and Dad. Something to be so proud of.....
Mommy and Whit
A few family laughs....haha....the ole Judy chop!
AND way too many drinks. :)
And time to go home....this is what Kane looked like after dinner and wine....he WAS so full. He was miserable...but he had soo much fun getting there.
This was such a nice holiday treat....I think we'll do it next year!

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