Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring cleaning or LACK there of...

I feel like I have been insanely busy my house clean (why is that so hard?)...Whitties...I guess it doesn't seem like that much...but it's overwhelming at times..

I feel like Whitties is growing up so fast....I wanna freeze time. I love him being a little guy. I am beside myself that I get to spend SUMMER days with my two boys.

We broke out of our WORK rut with a mid-week DOUBLE date night with the Carsons.
We used to live a few doors down from this dynamic just a few miles...but we don't see each other often enough. So, it was fun to catch up over a few slices of pizza at the local pizza place. While we chatted and gabbed...laughed and ate...Whitties was hanging with Jensey, Anne, and Todd. They are the best. We love kid swapping with these guys. We love their little Jensey and they love Whitties. When we picked up Whit...he was passed out in the Stitt's bed right next to's was to die for. Anne took pictures...I will add em...when I get my hands on them. Years from now we will tease them about sleeping in the same bed together...hehehe. FUNNY.

So, Spring cleaning around the GRIFFIN house was in total slack mode...but this weekend...we picked it up a notch...WHY does it feel so good to clean your house from top...TO...bottom? We ordered up a new stuff from fun. I will post pictures when I get a new camera....this's for REALLLLLLY broken. BUMMER.

Here's that beautiful Afton...sometimes you can't keep your eyes off of her!
Afton spotted me at JACK and JILL's this weekend (kid consignment store)...and she snapped this one...glad she didn't catch anymore of me...I hadn't showered..hehehe. *Shortly after this picture...WHIT bit me for the first time...and it HURT.
While we were out for Pizza...Whit stayed in for Sweet Potatoes...served up by Jensey.

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