Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend Warriors!!!

We were in Salt Lake City this past weekend. It's a fun and easy trip down there. We went for my RACE....1/2 marathon...not that I was competing..I was completing! I talked two of my friends into running with me and then over the past 6 weeks I realized my body is still in recovery mode from BABYland...so, I ran/walked the race and they smoked it. See the happy runners here and here and here. It was a fun getaway weekend. We also got to see the GRANDparents while down in Utah...cause remember they live in UTAH too. They are about 2.5 hours away from SLC, so they made the drive for some shopping and food. It was fun to catch up and hang in the sun.

We did a stop off at the GATEWAY in SLC. I had to do some shopping since I never get to do that.
The boys did some waiting and hanging...
Family photo in front of the GATEWAY...I can't b/l Whit is 8.5 months old. WOW.
Nonna, Poppa Skip and Whitties in front of the Gateway.
Hanging in the hotel.

It was a nice weekend...but I am ready for some R and R this coming weekend. I just want to be at home and get Whit back on his schedule.
Speaking of Whit...that little guy is a ham.
He loves kids...all kids..smiles...waves and does the sugarlump dance when he sees kids
He sits and plays happily for long periods of time...
He has four teeth
He does the pretend "crawl" dance but doesn't crawl...and I am okay with that.
He scoots, rolls and turns easily.
He is a mellow and happy little guy...
He loves patty cake, outside, GRASS, dogs, FANS, puffs (cheerio type things), kisses, waving, saying "ah-dah" like a million times.
He loves to be tickled especially his feet and thighs...
He loves his dad....and speaking of his dad.

WE celebrated our "5" year anniversary last Friday. I can't b/l it's been five years. It's flown by. I love Jordy more than anything. He is the best husband, father and teacher. He makes me want to be a better person everyday.

*I think I am going to buy a new camera...suggestions? Mine is only taking black and white pics...for some reason...I think it's done.

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