Monday, November 15, 2010

I love a 3-day weekend.

we had the day off on friday...and jordy and I had planned a day in Idaho Falls...sounds romantic doesn't it? well, it wasn't, it was business!!! We had a FEW errands to run and things to do...nothing Christmas "like" yet...I am not that much of a pre-crastinator!!! We did however buy some pretty useless is one...
if you have a kitten and you haven't heard of kitty city...WHAT A BUMMER. It is so cool and you cat lovers will just love it! After a busy day on Friday...we tried to RELAX on Saturday...I was busy baking...and recruited help from the TV room...this is what I got.
don't let him fool you though...he secretly loves it.
I made this POUNDCAKE with my dear friend AFTON in mind...she loves it. My mom made it for her once...don't remember why....but she always talks about is the RECIPE from my GRANDMA's DOWN-HOME's so simple....and so good.
I also finally hung THIS picture....Jordy painted it when he was a teenager and it reminds me of TIMBER island in Grand Teton National Park. I love it. Our friend Reid framed it a while back...and it's been hiding in the TV room..but now it hangs in our little breakfast nook for all to enjoy.
oh, back to is some of the finished products...home-made biscuits and cream cheese poundcake...yum. it was midnight here on saturday night.
back to hanging...i picked up some frames on clearance at PIER 1 imports....I love my new chicken frame...I am a sucker for ANYTHING chicken...just an FYI. I couldn't find the best spot for it...but it hangs going up our staircase....and I get to look at it all the time... i love it.
I also hung all these little pictures too. CUTE? I got that lamp for 8 bucks at Pier's so cute...this is Whitty's little table...
speaking of Whitty...where's he been? asleep.
Do you love this outfit? i do. a lady from my town makes/sells them on EBAY...not sure of the name...but I LOVE IT so much..
Whit's new favorite place to sit...ON THE COUNTER. He is saying so much. It's crazy. He signs a lot too. This weekend he signed MORE.COOKIES.PLEASE. perfect.
EVER done a turkey in a bag? My "amazing cooking friend"....aka AFTON taught me about the bag a number of years ago...and I tried it out again this year for this turkey was the best I've had in F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
everyone was impressed. we had a few pals over on Sunday for a PRACTICE turkey good. mom, I even made watergate salad...and there is a ton leftover cause NO.ONE likes I am ending up eating it all by myself. THAT's okay.
oh. while that turkey was busy cooking...whitty and I took in some fresh air....I gave him his first EVER sled ride...down the driveway and down the road...he had a grin from EAR to EAR. He loved it.
15 months...???!!
rocks...and snow...and crispy cold air.
yellow wellingtons.
post lunch with friends...
me...bag turkey lady lump

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  1. Thanks again. My mom made the poundcake. Yummm! love you guys!


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