Sunday, November 28, 2010

snow. warm fires and cold chickens, TURKEY, sledding and meeting TWIG ...and dancing! part 1

Nothing like 5 days off in a row to make you WANT TO QUIT your JOB!..?!?...hehe.
Well, let's take it from the top...we were scheduled to drive to Denver Tuesday night after work, but on Monday we got hit with a CRAZY snowstorm that closed we (ON A WIMB...mind you) bought plane tickets to Denver...oh yes we did. But on Tuesday..the snow was still falling and Jordy was stuck in Jackson due to CLOSED he drove around the mountain...and 3.5 hours later...made it home...we made an executive decision to NOT go to Denver because it just wasn't safe....and everyone was bummed. We missed out on some family time...but hope to make a plan for the NOT.TOO.DISTANT.FUTURE. We stuck around here..and got a few last minute invites to friends' houses...and we took the first invite to the Stitts...and we had a GREAT time...
Here is Whityn McKay arriving at Shawn and Kate's house (Anne Stitt's brother-in-law)
He did some eating..but not with the group...he ate alone..then tried to nap...he was having a time...and was quite the little whipper snapper to say the least.
I did my share of was amazing food. good. I was only bummed it wasn't my house so that I could KEEP all the leftovers.
The Host
HEre we have the the Shawn and Kate (who had good news that they were 15 weeks preggo), Tanya (mother of twin 5 year old boys), and Sara (who just adopted "Ever" from Ethopia)
Speaking of Ever....HERE he is....isn't he adorable...this is Sara and Gabe...wonderful people..and will be wonderful parents...
yours truly.
when you come to the stitt home..everyone gets slippers...eVERYONE...and you have to sport them all around. Here are little whitty's slips
Whitty learned OPERATION
and wants his momma all the time...he says momma a lot now...especially if Jordy puts him to bed...he says..."Momma....Mommmmmmmm....maaaaa" cute...HE also says:
cookie, BITE, dog, kitty, dance, dada, Jensey (gigi), papa, non for nonna, no, yes, snow, car, ahah for alison, g for gloria, eat, up, down, sit, gee-yah (please), mo for more....A LOT of things...
Here we are at Targhee on Friday...we went to get our ski passes...and Whitty got one too. So cute huh? No, mom we aren't gonna let him ski...but thought it would be a great memory.
then we did some sledding up at the 'ghee and just out the daycare for the future SKI days
back at the homefront...daddy finally blew the was a lot of snow to blow around...
I don't think whitty loves his boots...or maybe it's the snow...I can't tell yet.
WHITYN McKAY's elf "Twig" showed up Friday the bathtub...can you believe it?
We explained to Whityn about his Elf on the shelf that he got last year from Nannie and Nonna.
He was shocked...interested...and curious...
then he was ready for a bath...
and some post bath dancing....this toddler loves to DANCE....
so we danced the night away in our diapers....well, not know what I mean.
more pictures coming soon.

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  1. Looks so fun. Tell Anne that "slipper people" give me the creeps. I would love to go see that Jake Gyllenhall movie with you. Yes, you top my FRIEND list. Love u


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