Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cave dwelling adventures...

the schells came to see us. we love seeing them. they arrived friday night...we had BIG plans to ice skate...
but instead watched the kids jump into the LOVEsak like 2,984 times...AND THEN
the girls +WHIT went to Zumba on saturday morning.
charlotte shook it for pretty much the whole hour!!! way to go girl!
then we headed over to PENDLs for hot cocoa, pastries, and coffee...

Back at the RANCH...the boys stripped down to their roos and harrassed anyone using the toyie (toilet)
there were lots and lots of smiles....we again had BIG ski plans..but hunkered down inside because it looked CRAZY out there...

i did manage to check on the chickens and collect the eggs...and finally Rene, Charlotte, and whitty couldn't HANDLE the CAVE dwelling any longer and we took off in the mini van to see what adventures the RED box held for us...and about 3 minutes after being the car the roads were dry...the wind still....the snow not falling....and we looked at each other BAFFLED as to what the HELL we were doing inside all day...mind you it did snow 32 total inches in 48 hours...yikes.

However there were some creative games going island hopping...even CARL the kitty joined in.
And crafts...
and baking
NOT TO MENTION the gummies consumed...and the snacks that were enjoyed.
lots of love...hugs....attempts at sharing and snuggles.
oh, and more dessert making..this one by jordy (THE LOG) x2. there was even a cream cheese poundcake (that will go un-pictured)
there was the TOSSING of the toddler.
tickling the toddler.
more toss.
oh and a bit of a dance to come of this jazzerina!
and then there was even a GOODBYE hug. So sweet.
I love love love this family. They are good people. See you this summer if not sooner seeschells.

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