Monday, February 14, 2011

Some things...and 18 months.

last week i got to daycare..and whitty had these in. Can you believe he sat still for this? Gloria (one of his teachers) said he wanted them...I loved it. BUT.

this weekend we did a little trim. just a little 18 month old trim.
and whitty enjoyed a sucker.
ANd there are always chickens to feed...
ANd Carl always wants to go.
And then sometimes...when someone says toyie...toyie...we go and sit on the toyie...
And do a little tinkle in there. and then we moved around some furniture for OUR MID WINTER: SPRING was nice. and guess who helped...yep, you guessed.
and then it was time to go outside to TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS...only 43 days behind...not too bad. and guess who helped.
and then maybe another try.

whittles and I weren't feeling 100% on we MADE some valentines....he mostly missed the hearts and drew directly on his placemat...but hey, he helped. WE made hearts for ALL of his teachers...and I made hearts for "MY teachers" and my students.
nothing like a paper heart.
this valentine AM around 6:19...whitty is enjoying some milk and cheese in his special outfit...a target special: "love stinks" t and some levis...dang, he's cute.
ANd when we got home...whit got his valentine's surprise...some skis...he walked around in them a bit in the living room...and said "keee" keee"...cute. videos to come.

meanwhile my hubby made me, notice the PINK cute?
AND a surprise SPA day at Teton springs...a single red rose with a singing him cheezzzy. BUt, I will keep him around. I hope whit is just like him.

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