Sunday, March 20, 2011

31 years

Happy Birfffday to me!!! My honey took me to the Snake River Grill in Jackson. It was delicious.
i try to be on my best behavior...
wow. this was after the discount. ATTENTION Teton County get a discount!
We were all sharing our secret whityn would call her...she can wrap her arm around her's hot rachel....really hot!
the boys did some thumb wrestling...
rachel and jon smile for a picture.
the girls:
among us were several secret talents like:
1. better dance moves than brittney spears
2.roller skating queen
3.arm wrapping around head (pictured above)
4.great arm wrestler
5.budget'er secret keeper
7.sings first grade lessons daily
i could go on...
What's your secret talent?

not 11....31.
Yeah for me. What a fun night....and a wonderful 3 days....
This is how it played out...
Thursday: Cornbeef, cabbage, friends over for my fav. day of the year
Friday: Snake river triple date in Jackson
Saturday: Melvin and Jerry Garcia Band in Victor....
= great weekend.

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