Saturday, March 12, 2011

19 months and visitors.

yeah, i can pretty much read now that I am 19 months. here is a little book about dads that my nonna and poppa sent me for VALENTINE'S day...I can read it.

Friday night brought visitors for snacks and cocktails over to my daddy is out of town until I invited over an older girl named Millie....and boy is she cute. She even wore a dress for me.

AND her mommy kept telling us to kiss...and my mommy said it was okay.
so she landed one on me....and boy was i surprised.
I liked the smooch...but didn't like the space invasion of my eating mat. guess it's just part of being 1 and half.

SATURDAY morning....way-way came over (mommy's friend Rachel)...and they drank way to much coffee...and ate way to many home-made biscuits....and my mommy didn't even take a picture of me kissing her....I kissed her a bunch...and hugged her too. I hope to see her again soon. When she left...I kept repeating, "way-way home....way-way home"....
Then my mommy took me to a farm...

I stomped around in the barn...pushing different things...and playing with straw
and I stomped in MUD...til mommy made me get out.
and I watched Sheep get a hair cut...but everyone took a break for no sheep in this picture.
then mommy's old student named ELIZA took me on a sledding ride around her farm...she was the best little tour guide...and boy was she cute too.
she led me back to the mud...a woman after my own heart. i love 19 months.


  1. Can't believe how big he is getting! 19 months!!!??? Hmmm...timeouts were a big issue for us too at that age. Keep putting him back and back and back and eventually he will get it. I just don't like to spank! :)

  2. Happy Spring to you guys. We sure miss you all. I cant wait to cheer you on as you run through the streets. Whit looks like you more and more. I love you..


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