Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Time

we weren't even going to travel this spring break...but every other year we end up saying that and flying SOUTH. jordy and I always hit our BREAKING point with the winter and this year was no different. we planned a beach trip to panama city beach to meet nannie, kane and tina, mom and dad, and even uncle greg, aunt eva and joshua...SUCCESS. we saw every one of them except tina cause she had to punch the clock.
we finally arrived BEACHside around lunch time on Sunday March 27th. Uncle Greg and Mom came to pick us up...we were a day late...but not a dollar short.

we spent our time EATING (as always), drinking, playing in the SUN (when it was shining), shopping (when the sun went away), relaxing (everyday), talking, laughing, digging (in the sand), exercising (only AB ripper), and just BEING (around our family).
we were staying at our family friends condo on the BEACH...19 floors up so you can imagine every time whityn stepped foot outside my mom, nannie, and kane would have a heart attack...Jordy and I were surprisingly calm...probably because everyone else was flipping out...all for good reason though.
whityn didn't know what to think the first time we brought him into the sand...the last time he saw the beach he was 9 months I don't even think he would remember...but he didn't want to put his feet down...he kept saying..."hold you"...which means PICK ME UP WOMAN!...but give him 10 minutes of us convincing him it was just like snow but softer and warmer...and wha-la...he sat down and went to work...then we were begging him to stop throwing it...

i am grateful for many things...but having this time to see and touch my family was just what I needed...I want so badly for whityn to grow up knowing his grandparents like I did...I saw nannie practically everyday of my life...and she taught me many things and i want him to have that with nonna and poppa...however whityn (this trip) wanted NOT to really hang with anyone but his momma and dadda. He wouldn't stray too far from me and the second I went out of sight...he was screaming for me was exhausting at times...cause here I was thinking....
FAMILY=break! yes!
A few days after arriving in Panama City Beach...we noticed he was runny nosed and cranky and constipated (TMI, I know) to the drug store we went...for those beauties (glycerin suppositories)...prune know..all the things we didn't bring. 10 minutes later he RELIEVED himself of the blockage...and that was followed by more...and more...and golly that kid was stopped up. he did get happier...but then decided to start cutting two he's clingy mixed with all of the above...oh well. What do you do?
My mom wanted nothing more than to grab this little peanut up and squeeze and kiss him to death...he wanted nothing to do with her...until the last full day there that is.
he did however enjoy my dad's company (poppa) as he refers to him...and quite often too. My dad taught him this phrase "BUG off" which he used to say to us as kids growing up all the time in good fun and in heated of course...whityn loved saying it because of the response he would get so yesterday night while we hat the STITTS over for dinner he told Anne to "Vo Off"...over and over and over again...THANKS DAD!
there were a few days when whitty enjoyed the water and a few where he played and skirted all around the edge...just taking it all in I was fun to watch.
splash:the hotel...highly recommend for It's easy and awesome.
here is nannie relaxing with her 50-spf on...don't you love that hat? she sets the trend wherever she goes...cause she's the queen.
whitty sporting his new duds from the CARTERS outlet (in destin)...we hit it up while we were that close...and nannie treated him to 2 new rompers.
more uncle kane's was good that whityn also loved kane...he seems to really like the guys and be a bit suspicious of the ladies...hmmm.
what's not to like about kane though? I Love this guy. I wish we lived I could keep him in line on the SUnday dinners together...and meet up for a hike or an AB ripper workout...hehehe.
after relaxing..whityn loved reading his new book that nannie bought him (THings that go)...what boy doesn't love things that go right? This kid is talking in FULL's nuts...
his new word was snowbilt= for snowmobile...too cute.
there were many nights where we devoured things from the this.
there were days where jordy would invade the toddler pool...okay everyday..but to his credit it was pretty cool in there.
we did hit up the good ole kenny d's down in destin...on our way to deweys for MORE seafood....this family LOVES seafood and ate our share for SURE.
BAck to the pool...whitty finally gave the bigger pool a try..he loved the mush-ooom.....and kept saying it over and over and over again.
he still is asking to "wim" everyday since we have been home. So sad.

back on the beach....the jelly's were out...but then they washed we could play! yeah! That rhymed!

the queens of splash...right nannie?
the boys did some fishing off the pier..and jordy caught this blue fish that he was too proud of so he bought a bucket and brought it home...that's my man...then he cooked it up in some fish tacos....not bad. whitty liked it and kept checking on the "fishy"
oh on to the lazy river...the water was they rode around once...little kids are so tough...I wouldn't even get in...
from the 19th floor...incredible views.
last day pig toss....

goofing around...and the last night which I have no pictures of...kane, evan and tabatha (our friends from dothan), and jordy and I did escape to a crab shack down the road...and mmmm, mmmm, good it was worth it...there were like 5 BIG buckets of seafood on our was a bit ridiculous...but so yummy. so yummy and good to get out..and whityn was an angel while I was away...bath time and went to bed for my mom and dad...yeah whit! Yeah us!

everyone loves ice-cream on the beach whit and I shared a klondike at was so yummy...and so messy.

the boys.
FAMILY= happy! Thanks guys...good to see everyone....can't wait to do it again....oh, but I am not you'll have to come here...
Cheers to SAND AND SEA!

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  1. It looked like you guys had a wonderful time! I LOVE the beach soooo much! And we are far away from it too...just not as far as you guys ;) You look great girl and Whit is so precious! I could just eat him up!!


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